Time to enjoy the chiringuito in Conil

Origin of the chiringuito

Little or nothing remains of that first chiringuito located on the beach in Sitges. And the current establishments bear little resemblance to the definition given by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language: "Kiosk or open-air drinks stall".

Because, the chiringuito, that very Spanish space of worldwide fame, has evolved at breakneck speed in recent years. At dusk, at night, in the early hours of the morning, at midday and even at dawn, the chiringuito has been transformed into a quality gastronomic and leisure space that marks the days of summer.

Place of pilgrimage

Who has gone on vacation to the beach and has not set foot on the beach bar? Whether to cool off after hours in the powerful summer sun, to enjoy its gastronomy and cocktails on the beachfront, to lie in the sun in its well-kept hammocks or to enjoy a concert late at night, the beach bar is undoubtedly the place of pilgrimage for vacationers.

And among all the beaches of Spain, the beaches of Cadiz stand out for the quality and variety of its beach bars, and its unparalleled offer of leisure and fun.

Any time is a good time to put your flip-flop on the beach bars in Cádiz. There is no doubt about it. However, the incomparable sunsets offered by the coast of Cadiz turns the sunset, when the sun sets on the horizon and paints the sky in oranges and purples, into the obligatory moment to go to these lively establishments, from which it is difficult to say goodbye.

Chocos Fritos in Chiringuito Kanguro Beach - Fuente del Gallo

For this reason you should go without haste, let yourself go and enjoy the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere that characterizes these unique corners and the possible surprises that may be in store for you.

Chiringuitos in Conil

Conil is an example of all this. Its wonderful and extensive beaches have a series of beach bars that are a clear example of all this.

The La Fontanilla Restaurantfounded more than fifty years ago as a beach bar by the Perez family and located on the beach of the same name, still enjoys the essence of those establishments where in its beginnings the people of the sea went. Today it stands out for its excellent cuisine. Its menu, where fresh fish from the area stand out, especially the almadraba tuna, its stews and rice dishes, and its privileged location on the beach have deservedly made this beach bar one of the best restaurants in Cadiz.

And also in La Fontanilla is located the Feduchy Beach. Born in the light of the well-known Feduchy center, but with nothing to envy to this one, it is a careful and informal space, at the same time. It has a varied and exquisite menu composed mainly by products of the area very well treated and elaborated. It is a perfect place to enjoy the gastronomy but also of its great cocktails and cocktails while the sun goes down. In addition, they usually liven up the summer evenings with good music or a performance. So fun and good atmosphere are guaranteed.

Outside the Chiringuito Feduchy Playa in La Fontanilla Beach

Located in the spectacular cove of the Fuente del Gallo in Conil, you will find the Kanguro Chiringuito Beach Cluba space designed for "positive, enthusiastic people who love to enjoy good moments, who understand that eating on the beach can be an opportunity to try out the best of the beach. new culinary sensations and meet interesting and fun people, or just sip your favorite cocktail or drink, enjoying a goosebump-inducing sunset," they state on their website.

Sunset cocktail at the Chiringuito Feduchy Playa at La Fontanilla Beach

These three establishments are a small sample of the quality and variety of the beach bars that can be found on the beaches. beaches of Conilwhose visit is sufficient argument for spend a vacation in this beautiful coastal town. And is that the beach bars have become a tourist attraction of the first order that no one should miss.

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Drinks at sunset at the Chiringuito Feduchy Playa in La Fontanilla Beach

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