Five beach towns in Cádiz that you must visit

Can you imagine staying by the sea? In the Cádiz towns with beach you can fulfill this dream. In the province of Cadiz there are spectacular places that have the privilege of being located on the Costa de la Luz, an unbeatable environment.

The province of Cadiz has pleasant places to visit and spend an unforgettable vacation. We have chosen the five best beach towns in Cádiz that you should visit, so you can plan your next vacation more easily and safely hitting the target destination.

Conil de la Frontera

The first village that we propose for your vacations in Cadiz is Conil de la Fronteraa paradise for lovers of the sea. But in addition to beautiful beaches, it is a town that preserves its roots.

The beaches of Conil de la Frontera offer endless activities to do, such as diving, surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. In addition to enjoying the rest in the accommodations in this town, you can stroll along the shore of the beachYou can also enjoy the spectacular sunsets on foot or on horseback.

It has a unique charm due to its white architecture and its atmosphere. It also boasts some of the best beaches in Europe. It is a very picturesque town on the Costa de la Luz. Lose yourself in its streets, restaurants and bars.

This municipality offers a variety of places to visit and we recommend some of them such as the Guzman Tower, the Santa Catalina church, the Puerta de la Villa and, in general, its historic center full of cobblestone streets.

Conil de la Frontera is another of the towns in Cádiz with a beach that also offers a exquisite cuisine very varied. The highlights are the red tuna, meats and seafood.

If you want to enjoy all this, you only have to book an lodging in ConilWhether in the town itself, on the beach or in the countryside, any option is suitable.

El Palmar de Vejer

It is famous for its spectacular sunsets. It is another of the villages of Cadiz with beach and extends over eight kilometers along the Costa de la Luz. It is a perfect place to forget the stress of the city.

It is a rural coastal town and, undoubtedly, its main attraction is the quality of the immense El Palmar beach that possesses. As soon as you step on its sand you will know what we are talking about, because you will not get tired of being in it all day long.

There are no large housing developments to maintain the quality of this virgin paradise that makes it so unique. Therefore, the tranquility El Palmar is a very quiet place. An ideal environment for beach lovers and tranquility.

Very large, perfect beaches for families. Although we can also find reserved areas of big waves where it is usually surfing or other water sports.

The best option is the El Palmar beach is of fine golden sand. Its waters are very clean and shallow. The beach is separated in many of its areas, by natural dunes, and to preserve them, they have been provided with access walkways.

El Puerto de Santa María

It is another of the villages of Cádiz with beach of our list. It has a rich cultural and gastronomic offerings. It is the ideal place to enjoy a delicious gastronomy with seafood based products in one of its many terraces on the seafront.

There are fascinating places to visitsuch as the  La Muralla beach.

Enjoy a fantastic day at the beach at Playa de la Muralla. After passing Puerto Sherry we will find one of the most charming beaches of Puerto de Santa Maria, Playa de la Muralla, named after the remains of the wall of the Castle of Santa Catalina that can be seen on the cliff on one side.

It is a quiet beach and a little secluded from the center where you can relax and enjoy the sea.

Zahara de los Atunes

This town is synonymous with pure nature. In Zahara de los Atunes you will find one of the last large beaches of Cadiz and Andalusia free of urban encroachment.

It is one of the villages of Cadiz with more virgin beaches. Ideal for relax, hike or practice sports water sports. A destination to visit all year round, for its combination of gastronomic tourism and sun and beach.

Zahara is a family or couple destinationIt is a very quiet place, with virgin beaches of which there are few left. One of those places respectful of the environment that surrounds it and, until now, has not been exploited.

You can find pristine beaches in this part of the Costa de la Luz:

 The beach of Zahara de los Atunes is a beautiful setting to watch the sunset, it is crystal clear and without waves, a family beach in one of the villages of Cadiz with a beach.

 Atlanterra Beach is of golden sand and somewhat coarser than that of Zahara. With a little more wind, it is ideal for sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing.

 Cabo de Plata Beach o Playa de los Alemanes: this is undoubtedly the pearl of Zahara. Its water is completely transparent turquoise. A huge bunker on the beach is the best reference to identify it. It is ideal for diving or snorkeling because it has rocky areas.

The best dates to enjoy without too much tourist traffic are May, June and September. These months also make it easier to find accommodation in Zahara, which is not easy in the summer months.

Los Caños de Meca

Los Caños de Meca is another of the villages of Cadiz with beach with a varied tourist activity and for all tastes. Day and night you will find fun. Be sure to visit the popular Cape Trafalgar and the cliffs of the Breña Natural Park.

There are several types of beaches, depending on what you are looking for. From the Pirata beach, very visited, to the calm waters of Los Castillejos. Passing by the nudist beach Cala del Varadero or even the beach of Faro de Trafalgar, with an intense swell ideal for sports such as surfing.

One of the things that Los Caños de Meca is known for is for having been a place of reference of the hippie movement in Spain. It still maintains some of that essence, although not as it had in its day.

Did you know that this is where the battle of Trafalgar? Discover the history of this place planning your vacations in Los Caños, another of the villages of Cadiz with beach.

As you may have noticed, the five beach towns of Cádiz are each one better than the others.. We assure you that in all of them you will find your desired place: beautiful, quiet and in which to enjoy in every way: on the beach or in the town itself.

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