The 5 best beaches in Cadiz

Beaches in the Province of Cadiz

Last May, the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education (Adeac) confirmed what we all already knew: Cádiz has the best beaches in Andalusia. And is that this body, responsible for the distribution of the famous blue flags, awarded to the Andalusian province for 2018 a total of thirty awardsone more than the previous year.

In this way, this seal of quality corroborates the excellence of the beaches of Cadiz. Some beaches that, year after year, satisfies the lovers not only of the sun and the baths in the sea, but also of the nature, landscape and wilderness areas.

But, among these thirty beaches, which are the best? It is very difficult to choose a handful of them, however here we will bring some that for their uniqueness, proximity and popularity are worth a visit from Flamenco Villasthe best accommodations on the coast of Cadiz.

La Fontanilla - The best beaches of the Province of Cadiz

La Fontanilla

At 1,200 meters long and very close to Villas Flamenco, the La Fontanilla beachlocated in Conil, is one of the most valued of the Costa de La Luz. Its quality is endorsed not only by the blue flag but also by other distinctions such as the Q for Tourist Quality and the Environmental Certification 14.001.

Its fine white sand and crystal clear waters, constantly invite you to swim. Both for its extension and for its shallow depth, the Fontanilla beach is ideal for a family vacation.

And for lovers of gastronomy, it is necessary to point out that in this beach are located some of the most emblematic beach bars of the province of Cadiz, such as La FontanillaThe Oasis Beach Club or The Wave.

Calas de Roche - The best beaches of the Province of Cadiz

The coves of Roche

From Cabo Roche to the urbanization of the same name, there is a succession of coves that are a marvel of nature. nature and an obligatory stop for the lovers of the landscapes that are of tourism in the province of Cadiz. Cala Cabo, Cala del Tío Juan de Medina, Cala Medina, Cala del Pato, Cala del Frailecillo, Cala Encendida, Cala Áspera are the most important ones. unique placeswhere it is reached through a trail surrounded by local speciesas maritime junipers, currently in danger of extinction.

To enjoy a swim in its cold and choppy waters, it is necessary to go down some stairs that seem embedded in these rocky and reddish cliffs. These Calas de Roches, where nudism is usually practiced, are ideal for shelter from the well-known Levante wind that sometimes blows strongly in the area.

It is advisable to stay on these unspoiled beaches until sunset because its sunsets are truly unique.

La Barrosa - The best beaches in the province of Cádiz

La Barrosa

A few kilometers away from Conil is the neighboring La Barrosa beach. With 8 kilometers of fine white sand, this beach is one of the most popular and well known in Spain and stands out for the large number of services it offers: beach bars for all tastes, water areas for water sports, markets and a promenade full of strollers at sunset.

It is worth mentioning that the area of La Barrosa nearest to Flamenco Villasknown as Novo Sancti Petriis highly valued by golf enthusiasts. It has no more and no less than four courses: La EstanciaNovo Sancti Petri Royal Golf ClubSancti Petri Hills Golf y Family Golf. From the customer service department of Flamenco Villas we will be happy to facilitate the practice of this sport in any of these renowned and prized golf courses.

Los Alemanes - The best beaches in the province of Cádiz

Zahara de los Atunes

About 30 kilometers from Conil, is Zahara de los Atunes, one of the coolest places in Spain to spend the summer vacations. Not surprisingly, to this small town in the province of Cadiz, with beaches of exceptional beauty, many celebrities come to take refuge from mass tourism that plagues other parts of the Spanish coast.

Of course, Zahara stands out for its excellent coastline, with its extensive and clean beaches: the Carmen, Atlanterra or the wonderful one of the Alemanes, but also for its cheerful, colorful and, above all, lively atmosphere.. Its urban center invites you to get lost among its numerous stores for all tastes and budgets and with that casual touch that prevails in Zahara. But it also invites you to enjoy its excellent gastronomy, because there is a restaurant for all palates. El TrasteoThe ZokoEl Campero Tavern o Juanito House are a small sample of the great variety of establishments with one thing in common: their excellent quality.

La Caleta - The best beaches of the Province of Cadiz

La Caleta

It is obligatory to end this tour of the Costa de la Luz in the coquettish beach of La Caleta. Located in the heart of the city center of Cadiz, between the castles of San Sebastián and Santa Catalinahas the spectacular spa of Nuestra Señora de la Palma in its own sand. Its unique beauty makes it especially loved by the people of Cadiz. It should be remembered that in The most mythical scene of the movie was shot in La Caleta. Die another dayfrom the popular James Bond saga.

This cove is also known by the rich archaeological remains that its waters hide, since it was the place where ships anchored in ancient times. The Phoenician ships arrived here, in Gadir, with their holds full of all kinds of goods and from here they also departed with raw materials and products produced in the colony.

And this stroll through La Caleta deserves to be completed with a visit to to one of the most appreciated restaurants in Cádiz: The Lighthouse. Located a few meters away, this renowned establishment is perfect to taste the varied and excellent gastronomy of Cádiz. Its products are always fresh and of the highest quality.

Do you want to know the best beaches of Andalusia? Do you want to enjoy not only these wonderful beaches but also the prestigious gastronomy of Cádiz? Of course you do and your accommodation is Villas Flamencowhere our customer service department will offer you all the information you want about these places and many others..

And don't forget that we have great discounts all year round for early booking and family vacations, ask us without obligation! Come and enjoy the best of Andalusia, come to Conil de la Frontera.

Villas Flamenco - The best beaches in the province of Cádiz

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