6 Restaurants where to eat in Conil de la Frontera

Conil de la Frontera is a tourist site that offers thousands of entertainment and leisure activities. In addition, it is highly recognized for its gastronomy. Search where eat in Conil de la Frontera It won't be difficult, as there are fantastic places to enjoy the Andalusian gastronomy at every step of the way.

Before saying the top restaurants to eat out in Conil we will explain you how the gastronomy is. This municipality is characterized by offering a great variety of fish and seafood. The best known options are grilled almadraba tuna, encebollado or salted; fried fish, as it is popularly known; squid; shrimp omelettes and peas or winkles.

Conil de la Frontera not only is characterized by its fresh fishThe quality of the vegetables that are grown in the municipality. Other highly recommended dishes are the Andalusian gazpacho, black pudding, pork rinds and lomo en manteca (pork loin in lard).

So that you can delight your palate with these typical dishes, at Flamenco Villas we are going to tell you the best restaurants for you to eat in Conil and enjoy the best of Conil. gastronomic offer of the municipality.

El Galeón Restaurant

This restaurant is little known. However, it is a highly recommended place to go to eat in Conil. In this place you will be able to experience the Andalusian cuisine. As a curious fact, in the restaurant The Galleon in Conil There are no menus or menus where you can look at all the dishes and the prices of each one. The person who serves you will tell you what the dishes of the day are.

The good thing about this is that the menu of the day is designed with the food that you buy during the day. This way, you can be sure that the food you will eat is fresh. Besides, you don't have to worry about the prices as they are not very high.

2. La Azotea de la Mejorana Restaurant

This is one of the restaurants in Conil de la Frontera which is better rated. Unlike El Galeón, here there will be menus describing the dishes offered along with their prices.

At La Azotea de la Mejorana they will offer you traditional products with a alternative preparation to that of traditional gastronomy. In addition, in this place to eat in Conil you will be able to try different dishes since they offer you the option to choose between different tasting menus.

The main dishes on the menu are prepared with bluefin tuna. If you want to eat at this restaurant we recommend that you reserve a table so you can avoid long waits. However, the prices of this restaurant are not very cheap, although, they are according to the quality of the dishes offered in their menu.

Restaurant La Plaza in Conil - Villas Flamenco

3. Restaurant La Plaza in Conil de la Frontera

This restaurant is located in the coastal town of Conil de la Frontera. Here, you can find fresh food with typical preparations of andalusian gastronomy and also, other international dishes to eat in Conil such as gypsy cabbage, sashimi, Argentinean sirloin steak or hamburgers.

In this place you can eat cheaply in Cádiz. It is also an ideal place for families, friends and couples. There is a wide selection of wines and you can enjoy the service on the terrace until three o'clock. They are separate areas so there is no problem if you go with family or small children.

In addition, this restaurant is located near our accommodations so you won't need to take a car or transportation to get there.

4. Olé Tapas Restaurant

This is one of the places to eat in Cádiz where you can enjoy elaborate and delicious tapas. In addition, as in all the restaurants in Conil de la Frontera, they will be prepared with food of the day.

This restaurant is cozy and is located in the middle of the road between the beach and downtown. The best of all is that you will eat good tapas at very cheap prices.

At Olé Tapas you can also enjoy delicious cocktailswhich will be a perfect choice after finishing your meal.

Restaurant El Escondite Conil - Villas Flamenco

5. Restaurant El Escondite de Conil

El Escondite is a restaurant bar that offers a menu where you can find typical Mediterranean and European food. You can find traditional recipes of Andalusian gastronomy.

This is one of the restaurants in Conil de la Frontera It has a peculiar decoration and is located in a small alley, where if you want to spend an evening with your partner or family you will certainly be very comfortable.

It has a outdoor terrace so you can enjoy the sunny days while you eat.

6. Francisco Fontanilla Restaurant

The Francisco Fontanilla restaurant is a place for eat in ConilUnlike most of them, it is located practically on the beach. Here you can find the best seafood and Mediterranean food in the area.

Restaurant Francisco Fontanilla Conil - Villas Flamenco

It stands out for the quality of its service, and also in its products. The fact of being located next to the sea generates an enveloping atmosphere in which to enjoy a typical dish of the Andalusian coast, as for example grilled prawns or shrimp omeletswill become a most pleasant experience.

The price ranges from 30 and 50 euros per dinerIt will depend on what you want to taste, but the value for money is very good. Therefore, it is one of the recommended places to go to eat in Conil.

As there are many things to do in Conil, and many places to visit, we can say that this municipality is a well known tourist destination. Thanks to this, there are many gastronomic options that allow that no matter your tastes, you can find delicious food to delight your palate.

Another advantage of traveling to Conil de la Frontera is that you will find fresh food and good in a way that is affordable for all budgets.

We invite you to visit these places to eat in Conil, and if you have any doubt or you are looking for rental in Conildo not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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