The Costa de la Luz is a jewel of southern Spain, stretching from Tarifa to Huelva. This coast is famous for its golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and picturesque fishing villages. In this post, we will explore what makes the Costa de la Luz unique and focus on Conil de la Frontera, an ideal destination for those seeking a combination of relaxation, culture and adventure.

When is it better to go to the Costa de la Luz thinking about the weather to be able to swim, when it is not too hot and there are not so many people?

The best time to go to the Costa de la Luz, thinking about the ideal time to swim, without much heat and with less influx of tourists, is during the months of May, June and September. In these months, temperatures are warm and pleasant, perfect for enjoying the beaches, but without the extreme heat of summer or the crowds of high season.

What is Costa de la Luz

History and Location
The Costa de la Luz is a coastal region that extends along the Gulf of Cadiz. Its name is due to the quality and quantity of sunlight that bathes the area for much of the year. With a rich history spanning from the Phoenicians to the present day, this coast is a melting pot of cultures and traditions.

Main Tourist Attractions

Costa de la Luz Map

Map of Costa de la Luz

From Tarifa to Huelva, Villas Flamenco is located in the middle of the Costa de la Luz in one of the most beautiful places of this coast, with miles of sun-drenched beaches.

Conil de la Frontera: An Unmissable Destination

Conil de la Frontera is a charming coastal town known for its pristine beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Its location on the Costa de la Luz makes it a strategic point for exploring the region.
Founded by the Phoenicians, Conil has witnessed numerous civilizations. The architecture of the town, with its white houses and narrow streets, reflects its Andalusian heritage.

Beaches and Activities

Accommodations in Conil de la Frontera

Types of Accommodations Available
Conil offers a variety of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences:

Villas by the seaFor a more luxurious experience.
Tourist apartmentsIdeal for families and groups.
Rural housesPerfect for those who are looking for a quieter and more natural environment.

Tips for Choosing the Best Accommodation

Proximity to the beach: If you plan to spend a lot of time at the beach, choose a nearby accommodation.
Additional services: Consider whether you need services such as swimming pool, gym or spa.
Reviews and ratings: Check comments from other travelers to make sure of the quality of the accommodation.

The Costa de la Luz and Conil de la Frontera offer a complete holiday experience, from stunning beaches to vibrant culture. Our advice is to book early and opt for accommodations that offer proximity to the beach and good reviews. Don't forget to sample the local cuisine and take part in the festivities for an authentic experience.

What is the best time to visit the Costa de la Luz?

The best time to visit the Costa de la Luz is during the months of May to October. During this period, the weather is warm and sunny, perfect for enjoying the beaches and outdoor activities. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, May, June and September are ideal months with pleasant temperatures and fewer tourists.

Which is warmer, the Costa de la Luz or the Costa del Sol?

The Costa del Sol is generally warmer throughout the year due to its orientation towards the Mediterranean and less influence of the sea breeze. The Costa de la Luz has a slightly more temperate climate, with warm summers but cooler thanks to the Atlantic breeze.

Is it possible to swim in the Costa de la Luz?

Yes, you can swim in the Costa de la Luz. The beaches of this region, such as Playa de la Barrosa, Playa de los Bateles in Conil de la Frontera, and Playa de Bolonia in Tarifa, are known for their crystal clear waters and safe swimming. Many of these beaches also have lifeguard and lifeguard services.

Which airport is close to the Costa de la Luz?

The nearest airports to the Costa de la Luz are:

Jerez Airport (XRY)About 60 km from Conil de la Frontera, it is the closest and most convenient option.
Seville Airport (SVQ)About 150 km away, it offers more international flights and is an excellent option.
Gibraltar Airport (GIB): Approximately 100 km away, it is another viable alternative with fewer connections than the previous ones.

An important part when we plan our vacations is to choose the place where we will stay during our trip. For this reason, we will tell you which are the best places to stay in charming villas that you can find here in Flamenco Villas. In these tourist villas in Andalusia you will have the security of having the best accommodation.

Villas Flamenco Beach: villas with lots of charm

Flamenco Beach Villas offers a set of charming villas that will offer you the best scenery you can imagine. In these facilities you will be able to enjoy the sunsets of one of the most beautiful best beaches of Conil de Frontera, Fuente del Gallo.

Our luxury villas are located on the beachfront of the urbanization Fuente del Gallo. If you decide to stay in them, you will have private access to this beach. You should also know that smoking is not allowed in Villas Flamenco Beach. Also, this luxury villa rental does not accept groups of young people..

Remember that in this vacation villas for rent parking service and change of bed linen and towels every 3 days. In addition, you can request additional services such as extra beds or cribs.

Villa Cala Encendida

This is one of our best charming villas. Villa Cala Encendida overlooks the sea from its terrace. In addition, it is characterized by providing a quiet atmosphere for all the people who decide to stay at Cala Encendida.

This villa has two bedrooms equipped with a double bed and two single beds, two bathrooms with showers and is located on the first floor. Thanks to this, you will have access to the garden from the bedrooms and living room. It has a kitchen with everything you need in case you want to cook.

It can accommodate up to four people although, apart from the double bed and single beds, it has a single sofa bed in the living room. The garden is furnished so that you can enjoy your surroundings to the fullest..

On the other hand, Villa Cala Encendida offers the service of a communal swimming pool so that you can live the vacation of your dreams.. It is located a few steps from the beach Fuente del Gallo and 5 kilometers from the center of Conil.

Villa El Palmar

This is another of Villas flamenco's charming villas. which is located on the beachfront in Fuente del Gallo. El Palmar also has capacity for four people. For this reason, it has two bedrooms in which there are four single beds, plus a sofa bed.

In addition, for you to enjoy charming vacationsIts kitchen with ceramic hob is equipped so that when you go to cook, you can do it with all the comforts. It has a refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, toaster, juicer and crockery for you to serve your meals.

It is located 38 kilometers from water park Aqualand Bay of Cadiz(Puerto de Santa María),  50 meters from the beach Puente del Gallo, 300 meters from the beach Las 3 rocas and 3 kilometers from the center of Conil.

Villa Atalaya

Villa Atalaya offers you a 75 square meter accommodation with sea view from the terrace and direct access to its fantastic garden.. It has a maximum capacity of four people, although it has two bedrooms with a total of 4 single beds, plus a living room with a single sofa bed.

For your convenience, this is one of the charming villas which offers community and children's pool service. These rental villas also do not accept young groups..

Among its facilities, you will find a kitchen with everything you need for cooking, as well as television, stereo, internet access, heating and air conditioning.

This villa is located 50 meters from the Fuente del Gallo beach, 149 kilometers from the water park Magic Island and 3 kilometers from Conil de la Frontera and the Mercadona supermarket.

Villa Poniente

If your travel group is small, this is one of the best options for luxury villas for vacation rentals more appropriate for you. It has one bedroom, one bathroom and can accommodate up to three people. There are two single beds and you can request an extra bed.

It has an independent kitchen with everything you need to cook. In addition, in villa Poniente you will have access to the communal and children's pool. You will also be able to enjoy the sea views from the garden..

Thanks to the location of Villa PonienteYou will have direct access to the beach "Fuente del Gallo". Located 5 kilometers from the center of Conil, medical centers and supermarkets.

What should you consider when choosing one of the charming villas in Conil de la Frontera?

At the time of choose which of all the charming villas you want to stay inyou must take into account several factors. You must think about the type of vacation you want, since it is not the same to go on a vacations to Conil with children than going with your group of friends. The age of the people you are traveling with is important because, as we have already mentioned, some luxury villas have age restrictions.

You should also think about the activities in Conil you want to do, since they will also help you to decide which of these charming villas you would prefer to stay at. This way, you will be sure that moving from one place to another will not take you too much time. It is advisable that the place you choose is close to the places you want to visit. You can choose among the best charming villas that are on the beach or in the city center.

We hope you have enjoyed our villas to enjoy the most charming places in all of Conil.. If you wish to rent one of these luxury vacation villas or you need more information, do not hesitate to contact usfill out our form or call us at +34 956 444 274. We offer you the best prices and the most competitive prices. best accommodations for you to enjoy the most charming places that Conil has to offer..

Thinking of taking a trip with that special someone? There is no better plan than to organize a romantic getaway in CadizOne of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia, where you can experience the romance in every corner. In Flamenco Villas we have a wide variety of houses on offer, where to spend an unforgettable experience.

Get the best accommodation for a romantic getaway in Cádiz with Villas Flamenco

The city of Cadiz is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in Spain. Therefore, this destination is chosen by many couples to spend their vacations or to carry out a romantic getaway in Cadiz.

At Villas Flamenco we want your experience to be totally incredible. In order to fulfill this purpose, we provide you with a wide variety of accommodations where you can surely make that romantic getaway in Cadiz that you have always wanted to live with your partner.

Apartment in Villa Fontanilla

Undoubtedly, one of the best options to spend a romantic getaway in Cadiz with the person you love the most is at our two-bedroom apartment on the top floor of our Villa Fontanilla. This apartment has a size of 75 meters square, being very luminous and located in a very first line of the beach Fuente del Gallo.

This will make it possible for you to enjoy a good breakfast in the mornings while enjoying the beautiful sunrise that Cádiz has. What could be more romantic? You can also find nearby some places of great interest on the coast of Cadiz. As for example the park Aqualand Bay of Cadizwhich is 50 kilometers away.

You should also know that inside this accommodation you will have furniture, Internet access, heating and air conditioning, communal pool, full and independent kitchen, among other services. Undoubtedly, one of the best options for your romantic getaway in Cadiz.

Apartment in Villa Poniente

Another of the magnificent options that we have in Villas Flamenco for you and your partner is the one bedroom apartment located on the top floor of our Villa Poniente. If there is something that makes this accommodation stand out, it is how well illuminated it is and the incredible views of the Fuente del Gallo beach. A quiet place to spend a romantic getaway in Cadiz.

This apartment, inside the Villa Poniente, has a 75 square meterslocated on the top floor, with a large balcony and a large window, which offers incredible sea views. Among the different rooms of the apartment, we can highlight that it has a bedroom with en suite bathroom, shower, a spacious living room, full kitchen, as well as crockery and kitchen utensils.

You should also know that close to this apartment for a romantic getaway in Cadiz, you can find the center of Conil, which is just 2.5 kilometers away. You will also find the airport of Jerez de la Frontera 'La Parra, which is about 70 kilometers away, being the closest, among others.

It is also worth mentioning that other services available in this apartment of Villas Flamenco include a community poolparking within the premises, as well as totally free wifi, among other services.

La Chumbera Apartment

We continue with another option for a romantic getaway in Cadiz that we have available in Villas Flamenco. Our apartment La Chumbera has a size of 50 square metersIt has one bedroom, which makes it perfect for a couple to spend several days there.

This is located on the top floor, so you can relax while observing the nature that surrounds this complex. In addition, there are different places nearby, such as the Fuente de Gallo beach, Las Calas de Roche or Cala del Aceite beach.both two kilometers from the apartment.

Likewise, you will also have supermarkets nearby, such as Mercadona, just 4 kilometers away. This is important, since inside the lodging you will have a complete kitchenettewhere you can cook during the days you are staying. Also, you will have other services such as Internet access, heat pump heating, air conditioning, swimming pool, parking, among others.

Undoubtedly, one of the best options to spend a romantic getaway in Cadiz, with the person you love the most and that is totally unforgettable.

Hierbabuena Apartment

If you are thinking of living a romantic getaway in Cadiz with the person you love the most, one of the best options is to stay in the apartment Hierbabuena of Villas Flamenco. This apartment, located at Hacienda Roche Viejohas a size of 80 square meters and has one bedroom, one bathroom, full kitchenette and is fully equipped and furnished.

Among the places that you can find near this apartment is the beach of Fuente del Gallo and the rocky beach Cala del Aceite.. You can also find a supermarket nearby, such as Mercadona, which is located just 4 kilometers away. In addition, if you want to experience a real adventure in your getaway, you can go to the water park Aqualand Bay of Cadizwhich is located less than 40 kilometers away.

On the other hand, if you are looking to relax and spend as much time as possible in the apartment, you should know that it includes amenities such as a communal pool, Internet access and a kitchen with everything you need. This will make it possible for you to cook during your stay, saving you money at lunch or dinner time.

A totally magical place, where you can spend a romantic getaway in Cadiz totally unforgettable.

Lavender apartment

Another of the apartments that we have available at Hacienda Roche Viejo for a romantic getaway in Cadiz is the Lavender apartment. This one-bedroom apartment is ideal for all couples who want to spend several days disconnecting. This apartment of 75 square meters is fully equipped and overlooks the garden.

In addition, if you want to take a dip in the sea, two kilometers away you will find the Fuente de Gallo beach and Cala del Aceite rocky beach. Also tell you that this apartment is quite accessible, as you have the bus station El Punto, Conil de la Frontera, just 5 kilometers.

Among the different services that this apartment has available is Internet access, full kitchen, community pool, heating and air conditioning, covered parking, among others. You will be able to spend some very quiet days, and you can even save money, since you will be able to use the kitchen to cook lunch and dinner for the days you are staying in the hotel. In Villas Flamenco we always want you to live a totally incredible experience.

The best plans for a romantic getaway in Cádiz

There is no better destination to spend a few days with that special person in your life than Cadiz. Both in the city and in the surrounding towns, you can find a wide variety of plans and experiences with which to live an authentic and incredible romantic getaway in Cadiz. These are some of the plans that we propose in Villas Flamenco:

Visit the Hamman Andalusí

One of the best options for a romantic getaway in Cádiz is to visit the Andalusian Hamman. This incredible place is located in the city of Jerez de la Frontera. There you can taste a Moorish tea and other local dishes. Moroccan cuisinewhile enjoying the Arabian ceilings that remind us of Marrakech.

In addition, on its terrace you can enjoy incredible views of the cathedral. You can also find that intimate and romantic atmosphere conducive to strengthen the love between you and your partner.

Take a stroll along La Caleta Beach

Another of the plans that you can not miss in your romantic getaway in Cadiz is to give a walk along the beach of La Caleta. This one is located near the urban helmet of the city of Cadiz, being one of the places of reference for the lovers who visit the city.

You will be able to experience unforgettable moments, such as the incredible sunsets, where the sun goes down little by little between the boats while the water is totally calm. One of the most beautiful sunsets you can enjoy in Spain. In addition, you will not find a more relaxing activity than a barefoot walk along the shore of this incredible beach.

Get lost in the streets of Vejer de la Frontera.

In your romantic getaway in Cadiz you can not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most charming villages in the province, Vejer de la Frontera. This Cadiz town is located 200 meters above the sea. One of the best plans that you can do is to walk through the narrow streets of the historical center of the cityThe town is totally walled and full of white houses.

Likewise, if you are passionate about Andalusian gastronomy, in this small Andalusian town you will find go out for tapas by the different bars of the town. Our recommendation is that you try some of the typical delicacies of Cadiz, such as lomo en manteca.

Climb the Tower of Tavira

If you want to live an authentic romantic moment during your getaway in Cadiz, one of the plans that you should not miss is to climb up to the Tavira Tower. This tower, from the XVIII centuryIt belongs to the period of greatest splendor in the city. One of the reasons for its importance is that it is the highest tower in the old town of Cadiz.

If you decide to go up with your partner, you can enjoy a panoramic view with hundreds of years of history. Also, in the Tower of Tavira you will be able to enjoy a attraction that is a pioneer in Spainthe Camera Obscura. This consists of an optical system that reflects on a circular screen the scenes taking place outdoors in real time.

Taste the gastronomy of Cádiz

One of the plans that can not miss in a romantic getaway in Cadiz is to go to the most prominent bars and restaurants in the province, to try the authentic gastronomy of Cadiz. These places stand out for offering very relaxed moments, surrounded by music, creating a very romantic atmosphere. These are some of the options:

The best lodging for a romantic getaway in Cadiz is in Villas Flamenco

As you have seen, if you are thinking of making a romantic getaway in Cadiz with your partner, in Villas Flamenco we have the best accommodation to live an unforgettable experience. All our apartments, houses and villas have the best equipment and services to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

In addition, in the province of Cadiz you can find a variety of beaches, considered the best in Spain, where you can live unforgettable moments with the person you love the most. Likewise, there are many romantic plans that Cadiz has for couples, being one of the provinces of Spain with the most memorable places to spend your vacations.

Remember that if you have any questions about our accommodation or would like more information, you can contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

Beaches in the Province of Cadiz

Last May, the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education (Adeac) confirmed what we all already knew: Cádiz has the best beaches in Andalusia. And is that this body, responsible for the distribution of the famous blue flags, awarded to the Andalusian province for 2018 a total of thirty awardsone more than the previous year.

In this way, this seal of quality corroborates the excellence of the beaches of Cadiz. Some beaches that, year after year, satisfies the lovers not only of the sun and the baths in the sea, but also of the nature, landscape and wilderness areas.

But, among these thirty beaches, which are the best? It is very difficult to choose a handful of them, however here we will bring some that for their uniqueness, proximity and popularity are worth a visit from Flamenco Villasthe best accommodations on the coast of Cadiz.

La Fontanilla - The best beaches of the Province of Cadiz

La Fontanilla

At 1,200 meters long and very close to Villas Flamenco, the La Fontanilla beachlocated in Conil, is one of the most valued of the Costa de La Luz. Its quality is endorsed not only by the blue flag but also by other distinctions such as the Q for Tourist Quality and the Environmental Certification 14.001.

Its fine white sand and crystal clear waters, constantly invite you to swim. Both for its extension and for its shallow depth, the Fontanilla beach is ideal for a family vacation.

And for lovers of gastronomy, it is necessary to point out that in this beach are located some of the most emblematic beach bars of the province of Cadiz, such as La FontanillaThe Oasis Beach Club or The Wave.

Calas de Roche - The best beaches of the Province of Cadiz

The coves of Roche

From Cabo Roche to the urbanization of the same name, there is a succession of coves that are a marvel of nature. nature and an obligatory stop for the lovers of the landscapes that are of tourism in the province of Cadiz. Cala Cabo, Cala del Tío Juan de Medina, Cala Medina, Cala del Pato, Cala del Frailecillo, Cala Encendida, Cala Áspera are the most important ones. unique placeswhere it is reached through a trail surrounded by local speciesas maritime junipers, currently in danger of extinction.

To enjoy a swim in its cold and choppy waters, it is necessary to go down some stairs that seem embedded in these rocky and reddish cliffs. These Calas de Roches, where nudism is usually practiced, are ideal for shelter from the well-known Levante wind that sometimes blows strongly in the area.

It is advisable to stay on these unspoiled beaches until sunset because its sunsets are truly unique.

La Barrosa - The best beaches in the province of Cádiz

La Barrosa

A few kilometers away from Conil is the neighboring La Barrosa beach. With 8 kilometers of fine white sand, this beach is one of the most popular and well known in Spain and stands out for the large number of services it offers: beach bars for all tastes, water areas for water sports, markets and a promenade full of strollers at sunset.

It is worth mentioning that the area of La Barrosa nearest to Flamenco Villasknown as Novo Sancti Petriis highly valued by golf enthusiasts. It has no more and no less than four courses: La EstanciaNovo Sancti Petri Royal Golf ClubSancti Petri Hills Golf y Family Golf. From the customer service department of Flamenco Villas we will be happy to facilitate the practice of this sport in any of these renowned and prized golf courses.

Los Alemanes - The best beaches in the province of Cádiz

Zahara de los Atunes

About 30 kilometers from Conil, is Zahara de los Atunes, one of the coolest places in Spain to spend the summer vacations. Not surprisingly, to this small town in the province of Cadiz, with beaches of exceptional beauty, many celebrities come to take refuge from mass tourism that plagues other parts of the Spanish coast.

Of course, Zahara stands out for its excellent coastline, with its extensive and clean beaches: the Carmen, Atlanterra or the wonderful one of the Alemanes, but also for its cheerful, colorful and, above all, lively atmosphere.. Its urban center invites you to get lost among its numerous stores for all tastes and budgets and with that casual touch that prevails in Zahara. But it also invites you to enjoy its excellent gastronomy, because there is a restaurant for all palates. El TrasteoThe ZokoEl Campero Tavern o Juanito House are a small sample of the great variety of establishments with one thing in common: their excellent quality.

La Caleta - The best beaches of the Province of Cadiz

La Caleta

It is obligatory to end this tour of the Costa de la Luz in the coquettish beach of La Caleta. Located in the heart of the city center of Cadiz, between the castles of San Sebastián and Santa Catalinahas the spectacular spa of Nuestra Señora de la Palma in its own sand. Its unique beauty makes it especially loved by the people of Cadiz. It should be remembered that in The most mythical scene of the movie was shot in La Caleta. Die another dayfrom the popular James Bond saga.

This cove is also known by the rich archaeological remains that its waters hide, since it was the place where ships anchored in ancient times. The Phoenician ships arrived here, in Gadir, with their holds full of all kinds of goods and from here they also departed with raw materials and products produced in the colony.

And this stroll through La Caleta deserves to be completed with a visit to to one of the most appreciated restaurants in Cádiz: The Lighthouse. Located a few meters away, this renowned establishment is perfect to taste the varied and excellent gastronomy of Cádiz. Its products are always fresh and of the highest quality.

Do you want to know the best beaches of Andalusia? Do you want to enjoy not only these wonderful beaches but also the prestigious gastronomy of Cádiz? Of course you do and your accommodation is Villas Flamencowhere our customer service department will offer you all the information you want about these places and many others..

And don't forget that we have great discounts all year round for early booking and family vacations, ask us without obligation! Come and enjoy the best of Andalusia, come to Conil de la Frontera.

Villas Flamenco - The best beaches in the province of Cádiz

Welcome to summer

San Juan is here. Summer is approaching, a season longed for, loved and, above all, celebrated. The arrival of summer is celebrated all over the world and there are many fun-filled rituals to celebrate this long-awaited event.

As an example, in a Scandinavian country like Sweden this holiday, called Midsommar, which is the most important of the year after Christmas, takes place in the countryside and consists of games, endless lunches and flowers in the hair. Much further afield, in the southern hemisphere, this day is celebrated on Inti RaymiInti, a festival of worship to the Inca sun god, Inti, which marks the arrival of the winter solstice.

Terrace of Villa Poniente at Villas Flamenco Beach in Conil
Terrace of Villa Poniente at Villas Flamenco Beach in Conil

Already in our country, in the St. John's Eve, June 23rd, Christianity is mixed with the pagan, since this celebration is usually combined with the commemoration of the summer solstice. Here, to welcome the summer, tradition calls for bathing in the sea or river or jumping over a bonfire, among many other activities.

Juanes and Juanas

And what happens in the Costa de la LuzHow to celebrate Conil this holiday? Well, celebrate it and in a big way. This night is one of the most animated of the summer, for this reason it represents a perfect occasion to make a weekend getaway to this town in the coast of CadizThe town, which is flooded with magic, fire, spells and moonlight baths.

In the atmospheric center of this town of Cadiz is celebrated the Juanes and JuanasThe puppets will end up in a large bonfire and humorously represent everything that has happened in the municipality or in the country. This party is completed with lively parades, which fill streets, squares and the beach of people looking for a good time full of joy and fun and attracted by the enigmatic magic of fire.

Burning of Juanillos on St. John's Eve
Burning of Juanillos on St. John's Eve

Bonfires of San Juan

In addition, when midnight comes, the beaches are filled with bonfires that will drive away evil spirits and burn all bad omens. The most daring will jump over them, in order to make their wishes come true. Others will simply throw a small piece of paper into the fire where they write their wishes.

Another of the traditions for these dates is bathing while watching the moonThis is an activity that, according to those who understand witchcraft, attracts good luck. Thus, once again, the most daring will take a magnificent midnight swim regardless of the temperature of the sea, while the rest will be satisfied with approaching the shore to get their feet wet. In that sense, it is necessary to point out that scholars on the subject proclaim that both options are valid.

Bonfires on the Beach on the Night of San Juan
Bonfires on the Beach on the Night of San Juan

Escape to Conil: sun and fun

Can you think of a better place to commemorate the arrival of summer than the beaches of Conil?

Surely not! And the fact is that Conil offers you a magnificent plan: in the evening, enjoy this varied and animated evening of the St. John's Eve and, during the day, relax in the gentle June sunshine on any of its immense beaches of white sands and crystalline waters.

And the best choice to rest during this getaway is the rental of a house on the coast, such as those offered by Flamenco Villas. In any of its varied and exquisite accommodations, the experience of the night of San Juan will be unforgettable. Thus, you can choose between the magnificent villas for rent on the beach of Flamenco Beach Villas at the Fuente del Gallo or the oasis of relaxation of the charming rural lodgings of Roche Viejo Estate or maybe you prefer the vacation apartments of Villas Flamenco Rentalsjust a charming stroll from the vibrant city center.

Apartment in Villas Flamenco Beach in Conil
Apartment in Villas Flamenco Beach in Conil

Come and have fun. Enjoy the night of San Juan in the best accommodations in Conil.. And, as we love you to spend your vacations with your family, in Villas Flamenco the first child children under 12 years old are free.

Don't think twice. Enjoy the most magical night of the year with us. We are waiting for you at Flamenco Villas.

The school year has come to an end, and the summer vacations for the family. Every year thousands of people choose the Spanish coast to spend a few days of rest and leisure with their loved ones.

Long days at the beach

This marks the end of the daily routine of work for the elderly and studies for the youngest children, and the beginning of a new era. long days at the beachOf sand castles, of baths until sunset, of games at the seashore. These are moments of happiness in families, of memories that will last forever in our memory.

And, of course, Conil is a perfect place for a vacation with children.. Its wide and extraordinary beaches represent an ideal setting for all these activities, which is why year after year many families choose it as a tourist destination.

In addition to this offer, there are a series of of varied attractions for family entertainment, where fun for adults and children is guaranteed.. Sport, adventure, mystery, speed, are the four exciting proposals that we bring to this post and that will not leave your family indifferent.

Surf School in Conil - Villas Flamenco
Surf School in Conil - Villas Flamenco

1. Surfing, paddle surfing and kitesurfing courses

The beaches of Conil have special characteristics that make them ideal to begin the practice of these water sports. And the fact is that in the municipality there are several schools specialized in creating authentic surfers. We bring you some of them.

With more than twenty years of experience, the Conil O'Neall School of South Conil O'Nealllocated near the Salado River, offers hourly courses in the following areas Surfing and Kitesurfing and SUP paddle Surfing. It has a license from the Junta de Andalucía, the City Council of Conil and the title of Active Tourism. On the other hand, the Vertigo Surf Camp offers several options, a camp Surfcamps, where you can live the experience of surfing from the inside, or simply enjoy their different courses. Open all year round, the Conil Surf Academy offers courses aimed at all those who want to learn this sport in a fast, safe and fun way. The school has modern facilities in the same town, where the theoretical part is taught.

Zip line in Entre Ramas - Villas Flamenco
Zip line in Entre Ramas - Villas Flamenco

2. Entre Ramas: Adventure among trees

In the appreciated pine forests of Roche is located Between Branches Adventurean adventure park of 18,000 square meters for the whole family. It consists of a tour through the trees, performing various activities such as zip lines, suspension bridges, Tibetan bridges, etc.. In total there are 70 games spread over 7 courses or circuits that progressively increase in level, from beginners to the most adventurous.

This park has extensive safety measures, controlled by a team of specialized monitors. Participants receive a training course to learn how to use the individual protection equipment that allows them to move around the trees in complete safety.

Between Branches is a unique opportunity to enjoy a great day of fun in the nature with the whole family.

Enigma Escape Room Conil
Enigma Escape Room Conil

3. Enigma Conil

Located in the town centerthis proposal is a Scape roomthe game that is triumphing all over the world and that consists of trying to solve a mystery or enigma in order to escape from a room.

In the activity proposed by Enigma ConilIn this game, a group of 2 to 6 people enter a room and have 60 minutes to get out of it. To do so, they have to solve a series of mysteries and challenges that will test their skills and abilities. physical and mental abilities of its participants and encourage teamwork..

Its organizers stress that the only requirement for participating in this game is the desire to have fun. It is a quiet and easygoing activity, in which strength is not necessary and, therefore, it is suitable for all audiences, they point out.

KR24 Karting Conil
KR24 Karting Conil

4. KR 24 Conil

Speed lovers have an appointment in the Circuit KR24. On the road from Conil to El Palmar, you can find these magnificent karting facilitiesThe hotel has an excellent outdoor court within walking distance of the wonderful beaches of the area.

All members of the family will be able to test their skills as kart drivers on the different types of cars. In this way, the junior karts are intended for the youngest and are characterized by being safe and reliable, and the double karts are ideal for the family. And for those who like stronger emotions, Kart24 Conil has more powerful models.

Its facilities also include a free playgrounda bar and restaurant area with barbecue.

Undoubtedly, KR 24 is a place where you can enjoy a perfect day with the whole family during the vacations in Conil de la Frontera.

Villas Flamenco, the perfect accommodation for the whole family

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For many travelers, the greatest passion on vacation is to make excursions in the province of Cadiz, because it has all kinds of activities to enjoy. And one of their most frequent choices is to perform any of the following. hiking trails in Cádizwith different degrees of difficulty and wonderful scenery at every step.

Hiking is an activity that allows you to get closer to nature, improve your heart rate and your overall fitness, as well as make friends. And for those who are looking for hiking trails in Cádiz, in this post we are going to analyze 3 of the best hiking trails in the region.

Can you find hiking trails in Cádiz for experts and novices?

During the vacations, the hiking is an excellent activity for those who already practice it regularly in their daily routine. However, there is also a good offer of hiking trails in Cadiz for people who are still starting with this practice, and there are even offers suitable for those who are not yet familiar with it. hiking for childrenThis way, you will be able to walk with your family through dreamlike places.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you to look for hiking routes in Cádiz of minimum demand, with good stops and the accompaniment by a hiking guide to guide you on the route. Following this advice you will enjoy your vacation much more, and you will want to come back soon to walk through more corners of Cadiz.

The 3 best hiking trails in Cádiz that you cannot miss

There are a large number of hiking trails in Cadiz. In this post we show you our favorites with different particularities so that, depending on your level, you can choose your favorite one.

We assure you that you will always want to come back to the south to do trekking tourism. and stay in our wonderful villas.

Now, let's get down to business. In the following paragraphs you will find the name of the route, its characteristics, some recommendations, and how you can get there to make the journey. Let's get to it!

1. Green Gorge, the best landscapes of Cadiz

Garganta Verde, Hiking in Cádiz - Villas Flamenco

See located in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. and among the hiking trails in Cadiz is one of the most visited.

 It is a beautiful rock canyon with a virgin hermitage of incalculable beauty. Inside the canyon you can enjoy the flight of vultures that can measure up to two and a half meters in wingspan. Their imposing presence draws one of the best landscapes of nature.

It is a highly demanding pathIt has 2.5 kilometers of road on the way, so you can take more than three hours to go and return. It is one of the hiking routes in Cadiz recommended for experts.

To be able to do this route you must have a permit that is granted by e-mail. [email protected]or by calling 956709733. Remember that pets are not allowed because it is a reserve area. In some seasons the trail is restricted due to the risk of fire.

Remember to bring enough water, a charged cell phone, sunscreen and comfortable shoes for the journey. Do not leave the marked route and do not walk alone. It is always advisable to be accompanied to make the walk more pleasant.

To get there you must start from Grazalema and take the A-372 towards Benamahoma and from there you drive 1.5 kilometers. Turn right and follow the CA-9104 towards Puerto de las Palomas. The trail starts after 10 km taking the left.

2. Majaceite River, low intensity to enjoy the nature.

Majaceite River - Villas Flamenco

This route is perfect for beginners and people who are looking for excursions in Cadiz and its surroundings. It is well signposted and is located in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. It is frequented by families and inside you will find the Ecomuseo del Agua Molino de Benamahoma. It connects the towns of El Bosque and Benamahoma.

It is a very fresh place thanks to the presence of water along its route. Although it is 4.3 kilometers one way, that is, approximately two hours of walking, the difficulty of the trail is low. It is perfect for bird lovers, as it is one of the hiking trails in Cadiz where you can listen to the nightingale singing all year round.

Here you will not need a permit to enter. In this area you may encounter some otters and therefore you should avoid leaving food residues on the road or feed the animals. Although it is a wooded area, don't forget sunscreen and water to hydrate yourself.

You can get there from El Bosque, starting from the youth hostel, where the trail begins. Also from Benamahoma, from where you will have to go up the street La Cuesta de la Venta.

3. Torreón, a hiking route in Cádiz with the best views

If you wish to have one of the best views in SpainWithout a doubt this is one of the hiking trails in Cádiz that you must do. This will take you to the highest peak of the Sierra del Pinar: It is very demanding.

Walking route Torreón in Cádiz - Villas Flamenco

It is a highly demanding route and is therefore recommended for people in good physical condition.

It lasts 2 hours one way. From the heights you can see the majesty of the golden eagle, the griffon vulture and the small alpine accentor. The fauna and the beautiful rocky landscapes are the best attraction of this trail.

To access you must obtain an entrance permit by sending an email to [email protected], or call 956709733. In the months of June and October the trail is closed due to the risk of forest fires. Bring good hydration, as it is a demanding trail.

You can access from Benamahoma, take the A-372 via Grazalema. Travel 5 kilometers, and the trail starts on the left.

Tips for walking the hiking trails in Cádiz

Although these three hiking trails in Cádiz are well signposted, it is recommended that you carry maps of the hiking trailsYou will always have a backup in case of any problem. Another tip is to visit the white villages on tour and look for hiking trails in this area; its beauty and simplicity are sure to delight you.

Don't forget to choose hiking trails in Cadiz that suit your needs. physical capacityThis way you will be able to enjoy the tour much more.

Contact with us and we can advise you on hiking trails in Cadiz that best suit you and your tastes. Discover the magic of the Andalusian corners step by step sure to surprise you.

Conil has become one of the main coastal destinations. If you want to travel to this city and you have children you must be wondering what activities you can do in Conil. Conil with children for a good family vacation.

You don't have to worry about this, this tourist destination has a large variety of activitiesWe can say that it is one of those places to go with friends, with the couple or with the family. Lo best of Conil  is that it has the perfect plan for everyone, regardless of age, to have a good time.

Activities you can do when you visit  Conil with children are fun for the whole family. If before thinking about the things to do in conil and surroundings you want to search where to sleep you can consult us and we will advise you in a personalized way.

Villas Flamenco offers you the best places to sleep in conil. Our accommodations We have vacation residences with sea views, rural houses and apartments in the town center.

You can choose the one that best suits your needs and the plans you have for your vacations in Conil. Here are the best things to do in Conil with kids, read on!

The 5 best things to do in Conil with kids this vacation season

1. Visit of the beaches in Conil and surroundings

One of the first things you should do in Conil with children is to visit your beaches and surrounding areas . Many families choose beaches as a tourist destination, who doesn't like to enjoy those days at the beach with the little ones of the house? In addition, they provide large spaces for your children to play without disturbing anyone.

The beaches will allow you to create good family memories and immortalize them with the best photos. The whole family can do what they love in one place. You can relax on the sand watching unforgettable sunsets while your children build sand castles or play in the sea.

Activities in Conil with children - Villas Flamenco

The beaches of Conil are ideal for practicing different water sports. Therefore, on your visit you can purchase the service of surfing, diving or kitesurfing courses for you and your family. Also, they rent and sell the elements to carry out these activities to all the people who know how to practice them. This type of service is also offered in some hotels in Conil.

2. Visit the markets in Conil de la Frontera.

When we travel, in general, we all want to have some souvenir of our vacations and the trip. For this reason, we always buy some detail or souvenir for ourselves or to give as a gift to show a person that we want to remember them while we visited that place.

Our children are no exception to this habit. For this reason, another of the places to visit in Conil de la frontera are the flea markets. Believe it or not, most of the time our children also enjoy getting to know the handmade products and why not, choosing a handmade product for their friends at school.

Because of this we invite you to go to the Art Market and the Craft Market at the Paseo Marítimo. There you will find paintings, crafts, jewelry and clothing.

If you are going to cook, we recommend that you try the products in the Mercado de Abasto or go to the Friday market, the traditional one that exists in all the towns. You will be able to get fresh and good quality products.

3. Get to know the nature of Conil with children

Thanks to the diversity of natural landscapes you can make excursions in Conil. The terrain is not dangerous, so hiking a trail is an ideal activity to do. with children in Conil on vacation.

However, if your children don't like to walk, don't worry, you can do the tours by bicycle or even riding a horse. There are companies and hotels that offer these services, some even offer the tour with a guide.

What to do in conil with kids, bicycles - Villas Flamenco

Some of the tours you can do in Conil with children are the route of the Roche pasture, the Roche River trail, the route of the Calas de Conil or the trail of the Calas de Roche.

In addition, other places to take the excursion are the meadow of Castilnovo, the cliffs or the mouth of the Salado river, where the little ones will certainly have a great time playing at being explorers!

4. Get to know the culture and history of Conil with children.

If you want your children to learn new things during their vacations, apart from having fun, you should go to the Torre de Guzmán. It is a place of cultural interest and a tribute to the castle built by Alonso Perez de Guzman.

We recommend you to visit the Plaza de España, the Santa Catalina de Alejandría Parish Church, which are part of the historical heritage. Visiting the fishing port is another of the things you can do in Conil with children as there you will be able to watch a live auction.

In order to continue enjoying the culture of the area, the Conil de la frontera tourist office  makes tours in the fishermen's neighborhood and in the Museum of Conil Roots and you can know the route through the courtyards of Conil and the route of the almadraba.

5. Get to know the gastronomy of Conil in the best restaurants.

Thanks to the fact that Conil is a town of fishermen and farmers, the raw material is of high quality. Therefore, another of the main tourist attractions are its restaurants and its gastronomy.

The main economic activity of the municipality is tourism. Because of this, you will not have any problems with the attention and service when you go to eat at Conil with childrenwe can help you choose the best restaurants in the area where you are staying.

Keep in mind that from May to June the gastronomic route of tuna, also called red gold, takes place. It is 100% recommended, we guarantee that you will make your palate happy and you can choose from more than 300 dishes.

If you want to live one of these experiences do not hesitate in call us at or fill out our contact form.

Our lodging services are strategically located so that you can visit the main attractions of the municipality. They will allow you to have your dream vacation in Conil with your children.

Conil de la Frontera is a tourist site that offers thousands of entertainment and leisure activities. In addition, it is highly recognized for its gastronomy. Search where eat in Conil de la Frontera It won't be difficult, as there are fantastic places to enjoy the Andalusian gastronomy at every step of the way.

Before saying the top restaurants to eat out in Conil we will explain you how the gastronomy is. This municipality is characterized by offering a great variety of fish and seafood. The best known options are grilled almadraba tuna, encebollado or salted; fried fish, as it is popularly known; squid; shrimp omelettes and peas or winkles.

Conil de la Frontera not only is characterized by its fresh fishThe quality of the vegetables that are grown in the municipality. Other highly recommended dishes are the Andalusian gazpacho, black pudding, pork rinds and lomo en manteca (pork loin in lard).

So that you can delight your palate with these typical dishes, at Flamenco Villas we are going to tell you the best restaurants for you to eat in Conil and enjoy the best of Conil. gastronomic offer of the municipality.

El Galeón Restaurant

This restaurant is little known. However, it is a highly recommended place to go to eat in Conil. In this place you will be able to experience the Andalusian cuisine. As a curious fact, in the restaurant The Galleon in Conil There are no menus or menus where you can look at all the dishes and the prices of each one. The person who serves you will tell you what the dishes of the day are.

The good thing about this is that the menu of the day is designed with the food that you buy during the day. This way, you can be sure that the food you will eat is fresh. Besides, you don't have to worry about the prices as they are not very high.

2. La Azotea de la Mejorana Restaurant

This is one of the restaurants in Conil de la Frontera which is better rated. Unlike El Galeón, here there will be menus describing the dishes offered along with their prices.

At La Azotea de la Mejorana they will offer you traditional products with a alternative preparation to that of traditional gastronomy. In addition, in this place to eat in Conil you will be able to try different dishes since they offer you the option to choose between different tasting menus.

The main dishes on the menu are prepared with bluefin tuna. If you want to eat at this restaurant we recommend that you reserve a table so you can avoid long waits. However, the prices of this restaurant are not very cheap, although, they are according to the quality of the dishes offered in their menu.

Restaurant La Plaza in Conil - Villas Flamenco

3. Restaurant La Plaza in Conil de la Frontera

This restaurant is located in the coastal town of Conil de la Frontera. Here, you can find fresh food with typical preparations of andalusian gastronomy and also, other international dishes to eat in Conil such as gypsy cabbage, sashimi, Argentinean sirloin steak or hamburgers.

In this place you can eat cheaply in Cádiz. It is also an ideal place for families, friends and couples. There is a wide selection of wines and you can enjoy the service on the terrace until three o'clock. They are separate areas so there is no problem if you go with family or small children.

In addition, this restaurant is located near our accommodations so you won't need to take a car or transportation to get there.

4. Olé Tapas Restaurant

This is one of the places to eat in Cádiz where you can enjoy elaborate and delicious tapas. In addition, as in all the restaurants in Conil de la Frontera, they will be prepared with food of the day.

This restaurant is cozy and is located in the middle of the road between the beach and downtown. The best of all is that you will eat good tapas at very cheap prices.

At Olé Tapas you can also enjoy delicious cocktailswhich will be a perfect choice after finishing your meal.

Restaurant El Escondite Conil - Villas Flamenco

5. Restaurant El Escondite de Conil

El Escondite is a restaurant bar that offers a menu where you can find typical Mediterranean and European food. You can find traditional recipes of Andalusian gastronomy.

This is one of the restaurants in Conil de la Frontera It has a peculiar decoration and is located in a small alley, where if you want to spend an evening with your partner or family you will certainly be very comfortable.

It has a outdoor terrace so you can enjoy the sunny days while you eat.

6. Francisco Fontanilla Restaurant

The Francisco Fontanilla restaurant is a place for eat in ConilUnlike most of them, it is located practically on the beach. Here you can find the best seafood and Mediterranean food in the area.

Restaurant Francisco Fontanilla Conil - Villas Flamenco

It stands out for the quality of its service, and also in its products. The fact of being located next to the sea generates an enveloping atmosphere in which to enjoy a typical dish of the Andalusian coast, as for example grilled prawns or shrimp omeletswill become a most pleasant experience.

The price ranges from 30 and 50 euros per dinerIt will depend on what you want to taste, but the value for money is very good. Therefore, it is one of the recommended places to go to eat in Conil.

As there are many things to do in Conil, and many places to visit, we can say that this municipality is a well known tourist destination. Thanks to this, there are many gastronomic options that allow that no matter your tastes, you can find delicious food to delight your palate.

Another advantage of traveling to Conil de la Frontera is that you will find fresh food and good in a way that is affordable for all budgets.

We invite you to visit these places to eat in Conil, and if you have any doubt or you are looking for rental in Conildo not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Conil de la Frontera is the most touristic fishing village in Andalusia. This is due to the joy in its streets, the places to visit, the activities to do and the gastronomy based on seafood that will definitely delight your palate. If you are planning to go a weekend in Conil we will help you.

What should you visit in Conil in a weekend?

At Flamenco villasIn order for you to enjoy your visit to this paradise we will tell you what to see in Conil in a weekend so you can make the most of your trip:

1. Visit the historic center of Conil

The first stop you should make in Conil in a weekend is go to the historic center of this town. You will recognize the area easily, as it is characterized by its white houses, narrow streets and balconies decorated with different flowers. In the center you can learn a little about the Muslim past of this Andalusian village.

You must be wondering what you can see in the center of Conil. Here, you can visit the Santa Catalina Church which was built in the 15th century. Its architecture has a neo-Gothic style and now serves as a cultural center. Also, we recommend you to visit the Guzmán tower that was built by Guzmán el Bueno. You can climb it and there enjoy the scenery, it is one of the most beautiful views in which you can enjoy the wind in Conil.

For to know the history of Conil you can go to the Museo de Raíces Conileñas. which has been open since 1979. There you can learn about the traditions and customs of the people.

2. You must go to the beaches of Conil

As you can imagine, the beaches of Conil are a fixed stop. The Atlantic Ocean bathes these beaches and makes them the perfect complement to vacations in Conil. You can not leave this town without having enjoyed the best beaches.

Some of the beaches you can go to are La Fontanilla beach, Fuente del Gallo, La Playa de Roche or Los Bateles. Also, you can go to see the Calas de Roche and Cala del Aceite. In these places you can do different recreational activities.

Conil Beaches - Villas Flamenco

3. Visit La Atalaya Park during your stay in Conil.

On your visit to Conil in one weekend, you can visit this park which is the largest in the town. It is characterized for having twisted pines due to the east wind in Conil. In addition, you will find a viewpoint on a cliff where you will see the beaches of the town.

What to do in Conil de la Frontera on a weekend?

Thanks to all the tourism that this Andalusian town has, there are cientos de cosas por hacer para que los turistas disfruten de cada momento. whether your instance is short or long. If you plan to stay a weekend in Conil we recommend you to plan in advance what you are going to do. Some of the activities that this tourist place offers you are:

Practice water sports on your vacation in Conil.

During your visit to Conil on a weekend, you can practice or learn about different water sports while visiting Conil's beaches. One of the water sports we recommend is scuba diving. If you decide to do so, you will get to know Conil de la Frontera much better, as you will see the marine diversity.

Also, you can snorkeling to know the marine ecosystem of Conil.. For this, you do not need training. This is more than a sport, it is recognized as a leisure activity, just like a ride on a jet ski.

Other sports you can do when you are in Conil for a weekend include surfing, kayaking or paddle surfing (paddle surfing). If you are looking for something quieter and more relaxing you can go fishing.

Water sports in Conil - Villas Flamenco

2. Enjoy the Andalusian gastronomy.

If you spend a weekend in Conil you will be able to delight yourself with the food they offer in this fishing village. One of the dishes you must try during your stay is the bluefin tuna of almadraba, which is caught in a traditional way.

For more than two decades, there has been a gastronomic route known as the TUNA ROUTE. In Conil, you can enjoy this fish in traditional preparations  and other more modern and innovative ones. Nowhere else can you enjoy this dish as much as in this town.

Another typical delicacy that is mandatory to try during your stay at a weekend in Conil is the pescaíto frito cartridge, which is a delight and a perfect appetizer for your beach moments. You can try it at Freidura Zapola.

During your vacations in Conil de la Frontera you can taste the best mojito in the area. You will find it in the Jaracanda bar, one of the reference bars known for the taste of its mojito. In addition, the style of this place combines with the rustic style of its structure.

3. Play sports while you get to know the natural areas of Conil de la Frontera.

To get to know Conil in a weekend, if you are a nature lover, you will be able to make a bicycle route. Through the pedals, you will be able to know the landscapes that this fishing village offers you. The most popular route for tourists is the one that starts at the beach of La Fontanilla and passes through the beach Fuente del Gallo, in this way you will border the entire coast of Conil.

If you are a horse lover, you will also be able to watch the sunsets on the back of the horses thanks to the chorseback riding centers that offer rides along the coast of Conil. Here, you can also practice hiking thanks to dozens of routes that allow you to enjoy all the natural landscapes of the area.

Remember that this town is the ideal place for you to start the route of the white villages. Don't worry about the lodging in ConilWe will offer you the best houses and apartments in the area at very affordable prices.Contact with us we give you all the information you need!

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