Conil has become one of the main coastal destinations. If you want to travel to this city and you have children you must be wondering what activities you can do in Conil. Conil with children for a good family vacation.

You don't have to worry about this, this tourist destination has a large variety of activitiesWe can say that it is one of those places to go with friends, with the couple or with the family. Lo best of Conil  is that it has the perfect plan for everyone, regardless of age, to have a good time.

Activities you can do when you visit  Conil with children are fun for the whole family. If before thinking about the things to do in conil and surroundings you want to search where to sleep you can consult us and we will advise you in a personalized way.

Villas Flamenco offers you the best places to sleep in conil. Our accommodations We have vacation residences with sea views, rural houses and apartments in the town center.

You can choose the one that best suits your needs and the plans you have for your vacations in Conil. Here are the best things to do in Conil with kids, read on!

The 5 best things to do in Conil with kids this vacation season

1. Visit of the beaches in Conil and surroundings

One of the first things you should do in Conil with children is to visit your beaches and surrounding areas . Many families choose beaches as a tourist destination, who doesn't like to enjoy those days at the beach with the little ones of the house? In addition, they provide large spaces for your children to play without disturbing anyone.

The beaches will allow you to create good family memories and immortalize them with the best photos. The whole family can do what they love in one place. You can relax on the sand watching unforgettable sunsets while your children build sand castles or play in the sea.

The beaches of Conil are ideal for practicing different water sports. Therefore, on your visit you can purchase the service of surfing, diving or kitesurfing courses for you and your family. Also, they rent and sell the elements to carry out these activities to all the people who know how to practice them. This type of service is also offered in some hotels in Conil.

2. Visit the markets in Conil de la Frontera.

When we travel, in general, we all want to have some souvenir of our vacations and the trip. For this reason, we always buy some detail or souvenir for ourselves or to give as a gift to show a person that we want to remember them while we visited that place.

Our children are no exception to this habit. For this reason, another of the places to visit in Conil de la frontera are the flea markets. Believe it or not, most of the time our children also enjoy getting to know the handmade products and why not, choosing a handmade product for their friends at school.

Because of this we invite you to go to the Art Market and the Craft Market at the Paseo Marítimo. There you will find paintings, crafts, jewelry and clothing.

If you are going to cook, we recommend that you try the products in the Mercado de Abasto or go to the Friday market, the traditional one that exists in all the towns. You will be able to get fresh and good quality products.

3. Get to know the nature of Conil with children

Thanks to the diversity of natural landscapes you can make excursions in Conil. The terrain is not dangerous, so hiking a trail is an ideal activity to do. with children in Conil on vacation.

However, if your children don't like to walk, don't worry, you can do the tours by bicycle or even riding a horse. There are companies and hotels that offer these services, some even offer the tour with a guide.

Some of the tours you can do in Conil with children are the route of the Roche pasture, the Roche River trail, the route of the Calas de Conil or the trail of the Calas de Roche.

In addition, other places to take the excursion are the meadow of Castilnovo, the cliffs or the mouth of the Salado river, where the little ones will certainly have a great time playing at being explorers!

4. Get to know the culture and history of Conil with children.

If you want your children to learn new things during their vacations, apart from having fun, you should go to the Torre de Guzmán. It is a place of cultural interest and a tribute to the castle built by Alonso Perez de Guzman.

We recommend you to visit the Plaza de España, the Santa Catalina de Alejandría Parish Church, which are part of the historical heritage. Visiting the fishing port is another of the things you can do in Conil with children as there you will be able to watch a live auction.

In order to continue enjoying the culture of the area, the Conil de la frontera tourist office  makes tours in the fishermen's neighborhood and in the Museum of Conil Roots and you can know the route through the courtyards of Conil and the route of the almadraba.

5. Get to know the gastronomy of Conil in the best restaurants.

Thanks to the fact that Conil is a town of fishermen and farmers, the raw material is of high quality. Therefore, another of the main tourist attractions are its restaurants and its gastronomy.

The main economic activity of the municipality is tourism. Because of this, you will not have any problems with the attention and service when you go to eat at Conil with childrenwe can help you choose the best restaurants in the area where you are staying.

Keep in mind that from May to June the gastronomic route of tuna, also called red gold, takes place. It is 100% recommended, we guarantee that you will make your palate happy and you can choose from more than 300 dishes.

If you want to live one of these experiences do not hesitate in call us at or fill out our contact form.

Our lodging services are strategically located so that you can visit the main attractions of the municipality. They will allow you to have your dream vacation in Conil with your children.

The 5 beaches of Conil de la Frontera that you would like to have in the Caribbean

The beaches of Conil are the ideal destination for thousands of travelers. This municipality has a large number of clean beaches characterized by crystal-clear waters, fine sand and good service. In addition, two of the beaches of Conil have received the Blue Flag recognition, which is awarded only to the best quality beaches.

For this reason, in Flamenco Villas we will tell you which are the best beaches of Conil  de la Frontera for you to visit them all on your next trip.

Best beaches in Conil

1. Starts at Roche Beach

Roche Beach is considered by all as one of the best beaches in the world. beaches of Conil. It is one of the 2 beaches that have the distinctive blue flag in this municipality. For this reason, we recommend you to start enjoying your trip here.

In this place you can enjoy tranquility regardless of the number of travelers who are there because it has an extension of 2200m long by 40 wide. In this location you will find all the basic services such as transportation, parking areas, public toilets and police and Red Cross posts.

Here you can relax and disconnect completely. It is located under the cliff of Cabo Roche where the Roche tower of the sixteenth century, also known as Faro de Roche. It is a monument of cultural interest that has been transformed to be used as a lighthouse for navigation. It was previously used to alert the population by means of fire signals.

In this beach you can enjoy a unique natural environment and you will be close to 7 coves: Cala Encendida, Cala Áspera, Cala del tío Juan de Medina, Cala Medina, Cala del Frailecillo, Cala del Pato and Cala del Faro.

2. Make your next stop at Playa de los Bateles in Conil.

This beach also has the blue flag distinction for its quality and has the ISO 140001 Environmental Certification. Unlike Roche beach, this one has a moderate and windy swell, which makes it one of the best beaches in the area. beaches of Conil ideal for water sports.

Los Bateles beach is located near the urban center. It is a beach of easy access and has all kinds of services such as parking areas or rental of hammocks and showers. In addition, thanks to its location you can find many bars and restaurants nearby.

The occupancy of this beach of Conil in summer is usually high, due to its easy access. However, don't worry, it is large and has room for everyone, measuring 850 meters long by 130 meters wide. Los Bateles Beach in Conil borders La Fontanilla.

3. La Fontanilla beach, another of the best beaches in Cadiz.

It is one of the beaches of Conil most frequented thanks to the fact that it has the Q for tourist quality and the 14001 environmental certification. But don't worry, this beach is wide enough for all the people who make the most of it. tourism in Conil can visit it. It has a length of 1200 meters by 40 meters wide.

La Fontanilla also has a moderate and windy swell. For this reason, this is one of the beaches of Conil which is ideal to visit with family and children. In addition, its crystal clear water is shallow and there are no currents. No water sports are usually practiced on this beach.

If you are one of those people who like to observe landscapes, we recommend you to go to the Atalaya Park, it is very close to the beach. This park is located on a cliff and has a perfect viewpoint for you to enjoy your view.

4. Beach of Castilnovo, Conil de la Frontera

This virgin beach owes its name to the Tower of Castilnovo. The tower was used to warn of the arrival of invaders from Africa and to direct the almadraba fleet. In spite of being 2600 meters long and 180 meters wide, it is one of the most important towers in the world. beaches of Conil which has a low level of occupancy because it has no parking area. Because of this it is visited by nudists.

Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with nudity avoid this stop. If, on the other hand, you do not mind nudism or want to carry out this practice, keep in mind that the only way to access the beach is walking from the Bateles or Palmar.

In addition, Castilnovo beach has a moderate and windy swell making it perfect for water sports such as surfing.

We can say that this is the ideal beach for those who want to disconnect from the daily routine and enjoy the scenery and the sound of the waves.

5. Finish with the obligatory visit to the beach of the Fuente del Gallo in Conil.

The best sunset of the beaches of Conil you will find it in this beach. It has an average occupancy and is 1 kilometer long and 25 meters wide. In addition, like most of the beaches of ConilIt has a moderate swell and shallow depth.

The beach of Fuente del Gallo is usually covered when the tide rises. It is located in the urbanization Fuente del Gallo. In case you want to spend the night in this place, we recommend you to stay in one of our lodging in Conil.

You can access the beach walking or by car, as it has parking for users. Due to its characteristics, it is excellent to go with the family and practice different water sports. However, the favorite activity of its visitors is watching the sunset.

If you decide to visit the beaches of Conil and you are looking for a place to stay, we can help you. We offer you houses and apartments in Conil de la Frontera  where you will have sea views and you will be able to enjoy each of the charming corners that this city has to offer.

Put yourself in contact with us and spend your vacations in the beaches of Cadiz. Remember that when book a hotel in Conil beforehand, you will be able to access to the best offers

Where to party in Conil de la Frontera

If you travel to the south on vacation with your friends, one of the things you can't miss is to go to the party in Conil. The nightlife in this municipality of Cadiz is one of the reference activities. For this reason, many tourists choose Conil de la Frontera to spend their summer vacations.

In Villas Flamenco we will tell you which are the best places to party in Conil. Remember that the parties in this fishing village start late at night. This is because most tourists prefer to eat and drink something in the different restaurants and pubs in the area. For this reason, at approximately 11 o'clock at night in Conil starts the party.

Remember that the party area in Conil is mainly located in the center of the city.. However, you can also find bars along the promenade.

What are the best places to party in Conil?

1. Enjoy the party at La Cochera in Conil de la Frontera.

In this store you will find two different environments to spend the night in Conil de la Frontera. The first option is to have a few drinks while chatting with your friends and the second is to take over the dance floor.

The style of this bar matches that of Andalusia. It has a courtyard with a bar for ordering drinks and has an old well in the center accompanied by palm trees. In addition, La Cochera is one of the most recommended places because it has a large outdoor area. This allows you to enjoy the summer while listening to music and having fun with your friends.

In this place, you don't have to worry about the music because it is varied. Therefore, you will listen to music that will be to your liking and that of your friends. The only thing that La Cochera has is that closes at three o'clock tomorrow.

2. La Luna in Conil, offers you the best party in Conil.

La Luna is a bar that assures you that you can enjoy the party in Conil. Its decoration is very striking, mainly because it has an aquarium with piranhas behind the bar. In this disco the best part of the party starts at 1:00 am.

It has a modern decoration, two floors and a patio for you to enjoy the environment of Conil with different palms and tropical plants. Every weekend there are different Dj's, so the music is very varied. In La Luna you can you enjoy the best party atmosphere in Conil and an excellent cocktail service on the second floor.

We recommend that when you decide to visit The Moon do not wear athletic shoes as you may have problems getting in and out of them.r.

3. Start the party in Conil at Palo Palo

To start the nightlife in Conil, this bar is the ideal place. Palo Palo is one of the oldest places in this fishing village, it is located in the Plaza de España since 1997. Every year this bar celebrates its anniversary with a big party in Conil.

In Palo Palo you can enjoy the best cocktails and varied music all night long, often your stay in this place is extended due to its fun and young atmosphere. TIt has a large terrace, which is perfect for the first drink. From two o'clock in the morning, the tables are removed so that the party can begin.

4. The Icaro club in Conil has the best dance floor.

To spend the night in Conil de la Frontera we recommend that you visit the discotheque Icaro in ConilIt has an unparalleled dance floorIt is one of the biggest clubs you will find in this town. The most crowded hours are between 3:00 am and 7:00 am. As you can imagine the party in Conil in this place ends when the sun rises.

It has two dance floors: one with house music and the other with a variety of music. If you want to ensure your entrance you can make a VIP reservation. It is located next to the Plaza de España so it is a place where after dinner and a couple of drinks you can go to enjoy the night with your friends.

Remember that it is open every night in summer from 1:00pm.

5. El Cortijo in Conil, one of the best discotheques.

The cortijo is one of the best discotheques in Conil. The first thing you should know is that the discotheque El Cortijo is not located in the town, it is located at kilometer 6 of the road that connects to Los Caños de Meca  and Conil.

El Cortijo opens its facilities from June to September every night until 6:00 am. It is one of the favorite discos for all the young tourists. It is located outdoors and there is an area where you can drink whatever you like.

You must be wondering how to get to El Cortijo discotheque in Conil. Getting to this site is very easy, as several buses are available to take you to the disco during your stay. summer in Conil. This transfer includes the entrance to the discotheque, this way, you will have your entrance assured and you will not have to worry about the car.

As you can see, there are all kinds of leisure activities at Conil de la Frontera. For this reason, we assure you that you will never have a dull moment in this beautiful fishing village in Andalusia.

Don't worry about the lodging in Coniltrust us and leave it in our hands. We offer you the best houses and apartments in Conil near the beach or in the city center. Your only concern will be to choose what to do in Conilno matter what you decide, we assure you that you will have the best vacation ever.

Don't wait any longer and visit this tourist and fishing village this summer, you won't regret it! If you have any questions, please contact us at contact with us and we will inform you of everything you need to know.

At Villas Flamenco our goal is to make your vacation unforgettable. If you are planning to travel for a weekend to...

Cadiz is one of the most representative cities of Andalusia and Spain. This place stands out for many reasons, such as its incredible beaches, an authentic and delicious gastronomy, the local festivals such as the carnivals, and the great history that all its streets keep. In Villas Flamenco we know that this city is special, that's why in this post we will talk about the 11 places to see in Cádiz.

Among the many activities offered by this Andalusian town, you can learn history, culture, enjoy incredible views and carry out different plans. Here are some of them:

1. Visit the museum of Cadiz

This is one of the places you must see in Cadiz. This museum has different exhibitions, such as archeology, fine arts and ethnography. You can find different rooms in the museum, where you can learn about Cadiz from prehistoric times, through the medieval period that the city experienced.

You can also enjoy marine archaeology and different paintings of Laja Alta, which evokes the arrival of Phoenician fleets. In addition, you can learn about other aspects of the city, such as Gadir's relations with Sardinia, navigation in the Bay of Cadiz, Lake Ligustino, maritime trade through amphorae and cargoes of Roman ships.

In the fine arts section you will find eight exhibition halls, where you will see paintings from the 16th to the 20th centuries. As for the works of the sixteenth century, these are divided into three for the Baroque, where you can find works by Zurbarán, Murillo, Alonso Cano and other Spanish schools. Undoubtedly, a great experience if you want to know in depth all the culture that hides this incredible city.

2. Visit the Cathedral of Cadiz

Another experience that you can not miss on your visit to Cadiz is to see the cathedral of the city. One of the things for which this building stands out is that for 116 years, several architects have been in charge of constructionThis has involved a mixture of different styles and tastes of each of the architects who participated. The appearance of this begins with a Baroque style. in its floor plan and interior, up to the rococo frieze, finishing its design with a neoclassical façadeas well as its towers, cupolas and the second interior body.

Within the cathedral of CádizYou will be able to take a tour of the facilities with a duration of 35 minutes. Among the different sites you can see are the main altar, the Ecce Homo de la Roldana, the Corpus Christi processional float, the Crypt and the Sacristy.

Another of the tours that you can do is the one of the tower, which lasts 25 minutes, and that will allow you to see the clock tower and its machinery, with a 360-degree panoramic view. There is also the visit to the Casa de las Contadurías, which also lasts 35 minutes and where you can enjoy its rooms of paintings, sculpture, the treasure of the cathedral (the custody of the million) and the Mudejar courtyard.

3. Climb to the best viewpoint in Cádiz.

If you want to enjoy the best and most complete views of Cádiz, you must visit the Tavira Tower. It is located in the Casa-Palacio de los Marqueses de Recaño. In this location you will be able to enjoy incredible views of the entire city. This tower is considered the highest point of the old town of Cadiz.

Inside this tower you can also pass through the Camera ObscuraThe tower, which produces an image on a curved, horizontal, white screen in the shape of a table, located in a totally dark room painted black. There, a luminous color image is projected, reflecting what is happening outside the tower with real and moving images.

These images can be rotated forward and backward to visualize different parts of the landscape. The lenses that make up this camera have an optical instrument with an astronomical flat lens, as well as focal radii specially designed for each building.

4. Stroll along the beaches of Cadiz

One of the plans that you can not miss on your visit to Cadiz is to visit the different beaches in the city. These stand out for being quite large and for having golden colored the beach of Los Bateleslocated in front of Conil de la Frontera. This beach is a favorite for all visitors, thanks to its location and easy access.

You can also practice different water sportsYou can go snorkeling, or spend a pleasant afternoon with your family or friends. Another of the beaches you should visit is La BarrosaIt is known for its shallow depth and moderate waves. It has a blue flag for respecting the environment.

There is also the Hierbabuena beachwhich is located in the port of Barbate and Caños de Meca. There you can enjoy different sand dunes, as well as the cliffs nearby. In addition, you can spend the whole day at this beach, as there are several restaurants around it and in summer there are the beach bars of the Fontanilla beach.

5. Visit the Roman Theater

As we have already seen, Cadiz is a city with a long history behind it. For this reason, in the historic center of the city we can find the Roman TheaterThe museum is one of the obligatory stops for anyone visiting the city. It was built in the 70 B.C.It was finally abandoned in the 3rd century AD.

The work of many archaeologists has allowed us to see part of the theater today. This is considered to be one of the oldest, being the second largest in Spain.. In addition, according to the data it is said that the capacity of this theater was located in more than 10,000 people.

6. Discover the Monument of the Cortes

As is well known, the city of Cádiz is also famous for being the place where the constitution of 1812also known as La Pepa. This made that a century later it was decided to erecting a monument to celebrate the first centenary of the Constitution. The project chosen was that of Modesto López Otero, with sculptures by Aniceto Marinas. The monument was conceived as a large hemicycle where there is a tall pillar in the form of an obelisk in the central area.

All the iconography in the monument was carried out as a tribute to the work of the Cortes. Inside the hemicycle you can see that there is a throne with the insignia of the Bourbon dynasty, symbolizing the legitimacy of Ferdinand VII.

Two bronze equestrian figures, symbolizing peace and war, can also be seen at the monument. There are also sculptures dedicated to the citizens marching to war. In addition, the figure of Hercules, who is considered the representative of the city of Cadiz, can be seen at the top.

7. Take a walk along the Caleta beach.

Undoubtedly, one cannot visit this city and leave without visiting the Caleta beach, located in the historic center of the city of Cadiz. There you will be able to see different castles and fortresses of different eras. In addition, it has a large size, with an area of 1,000 meters long and 25 meters in average width. It stands out for having dark sand and a fairly moderate swell.

It is also the perfect place to have a drink, since there is a wide variety of bars and beach bars in the area. You can also enjoy different services, such as playgrounds, rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, nautical equipment such as pedal boats, among others. Since 2018 it has the 'Q' award for quality.

8. Taste the local gastronomy at the Central Market

The Central Market is one of the places to see in Cadiz during your visit to the city. This was a construction of Torcuato Benjumeda to create a quadrilateral square with a neoclassical style enclosed by the Doric portico. It is located on the grounds of the convent of the Descalzos, known as the Plaza de la Libertad.

This market was inaugurated in 1838 and has 57 fruit and vegetable stands; 54 fish, crustaceans and mollusks stands; 44 butcher's stalls; 7 stalls for frozen products; 4 bread and pastry stalls; a pickle stall; a stall for bags and paper; a stall for fishing articles and a cafeteria on the first level.

You can visit this market any day of the week. In addition, you can also participate in the Gastronomic Corner, to taste the most typical dishes of this city.

9. Get the best products at the Plaza de las Flores.

The Plaza de las Flores is a market area and a popular spot in the city. This square is characterized by the beautiful flower stalls in the central area.. Here you can buy cut flowers and plants for the decoration of windows, balconies, indoor and outdoor areas to culture the place.

In the Plaza de las Flores you can make different plans. In addition to buying a plant, you can also try some delicious dishes of Cadiz in the local Freiduría Marisquería las Flores. Undoubtedly, one of the best places in the city to have a coffee or breakfast with a loved one.

10. Practice sports at the Puerto Elcano Sports Complex.

The Puerto Elcano Sports Complex is a facility that was built with the purpose of recreating sports activities, especially nautical activities. This center is open all year round, being able to practice different sports.

In addition, you will also be able to take advantage of the programs they offer such as the Sailing School and Sea Weeks. You can also see that they have different boats for rent, fitness rooms, paddle tennis courts, as well as dinghy sailing and windsurfing lessons. Undoubtedly, if you are going to spend a few days in the city and you feel like practicing some nautical sport, this is the place you are looking for.

11. Visit the Plaza del Mentidero

This site is listed as a monument with a triangular floor plan. Undoubtedly, one of the places to see in Cadiz during your visit. This square is considered the axis of the neighborhood, beginning its construction in 1755.The purpose of this project was to complete the city between the Plaza de San Antonio and the Carlos III barracks.

According to the story, after the request of the founders of the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Expiration, a new building was built. humilladero called the Cross of Truth. With this name was given to moments of confusion, when unemployed people gather in the square to give news of all kinds, but often false.

For this reason, this site became known as the Plaza de la Cruz de las Mentidras or Plaza del Mentidero. This square was also important during the promulgation of the Constitution of Cadiz.

Enjoy your visit to Cádiz with Villas Flamenco

We hope that with all the plans and places to see in Cadiz that we have told you, you can describe all the historical legacy that this city has. Also the shopping areas, the incredible variety of beaches and the delicious gastronomy. Undoubtedly, with your visit to this city you can live a fantastic cultural experience, full of knowledge.

Be sure that during your visit you will not run out of things to do in Cadiz, since it has different areas to visit and many civil, military and religious monuments. Also, another tip we give you is to visit the city during the celebration of local festivals, such as Easter or Carnival, one of the most popular in Spain.

There are also other festivals that you can not miss, such as the day of the Patron Saint, Our Lady of the Rosary, All Saints Day and Corpus Christi. You can also participate in different cultural events, such as the Ibero-American Theater Festival of Cadiz, the Tía Norica, the Atlantic film festival Alcances, the music festival of Cadiz and many other events.

All these plans can be accompanied by the incredible gastronomy for which this city stands out. From seafood, such as fried fish, to different types of typical local sweets. We also want to remind you that in Villas Flamenco we have a wide range of accommodation. You can spend some incredible days in Cadiz while staying in one of our villas, cottages or apartments.

If you would like more information about any of our accommodations or if you have any questions, contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

Conil de la Frontera destaca por ser un municipio de España en la provincia de Cádiz, donde podrás visitar lugares de alto valor ecológico y de patrimonio histórico. Aquí podrás vivir momentos increíbles tanto en verano como en los momentos que desees, por ello en este post que hemos preparado en Flamenco Villas te dejamos cuáles son los mejores bares de tapas de Conil y su deliciosa gastronomía.

Disfruta de las playas y la arquitectura histórica, mientras pruebas la mejor gastronomía gaditana en los bares más famosos de tapas de Conil de la Frontera. Acompaña tu bebida favorita con una comida irresistible y añade el poder pasar un agradable momento con tus amigos o familia.

De los mejores bares de tapas de Conil, hemos recopilado un listado lleno de variedad y opciones increíbles para ti. Los nombres no están ordenados por orden, es decir, de cuál es el mejor o el peor, solo queremos que elijas por ti mismo cuál podría ser la mejor opción para ti.

Bar El Pasaje

Es un restaurante que viene trabajando en la gastronomía desde el 1929,  el cual se especializa en un menú de tapas con variedad de ingredientes, como: albóndigas en fritá de tomates, brochetas de atún de almadraba con fondo de arroz salteado, brochetas de langostinos con bacon y pasas, carne al toro y cazuela de atún encebollado rojo de almadraba.

Otras especialidades en su menú de tapas son las siguientes: el cordon blue de payoyo y bacon, ensaladilla de choco al ajillo, ensaladilla típica, el pasaje que tiene papas con atún y mayonesa; piquillo relleno de rabo de toro y mozzarella, tortillitas de camarones, tosta de atún mechado al horno con verduras y tosta de crema de queso payoyo con tomatitos cherry y miel de caña.

Este bar de tapas lo podrás encontrar en Conil de la Frontera, en la Avenida de la Playa 6, 11149, Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz y puedes hacer tu reserva por teléfono al 956 44 00 98.

Bar Ligero

Este es uno de los mejores bares de tapas de Conil, que destaca por su cocina tradicional y vanguardista con los mejores productos de la zona, frescos y de temporada. El Bar Ligero está ubicado en pleno corazón de Conil de la Frontera, específicamente en la Calle Cádiz, 8 y sus horarios de apertura son de lunes a domingo de 12:00 h a 00:00 h.

Dentro de su menú, podrás pedir y disfrutar de diversos sabores increíbles como el jamón Ibérico de Bellota, queso de oveja curado, croquetas de calamares con Ali-Oli negro, pimientos de piquillo rellenos de bacalao y gambas, langostinos al ajillo, pulpo al ajillo, revuelto de bacalao con patatas paja y cous cous de pollo con pasas y nueces.

You can also probar sus tapas de atún encebollado, papas con mojo y albóndigas con queso. Asimismo, podrás deleitarte con la selección de exquisitos pescados de los litorales de Conil y sus alrededores.

Feduchy Bar

Este bar se encuentra ubicado frente a la puerta de la marinera Villa de Conil al lado del histórico edificio de piedra ostionera. El Feduchy Bar cuenta con una propuesta gastronómica fuera de las etiquetas, con platos y bebidas de autor para que disfrutes de una experiencia completa en compañía de tus amigos o familia.

Prueba deliciosos platos, como los que vamos a mencionarte: la ensaladilla de pulpo con gambas al ajillo y lechuga de mar frita; patatas bravas con mayonesa de curry y especias chinas; guacamole artesano con cilantro y totopos caseros, ensalada de burrata de búfala con espinacas, pesto de albahaca y piñones, ensalada césar con cecina de buey, parmesano y aceite ahumado.

Saborea toda una experiencia en la Calle Pascual Junquera, 2, Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz. Además, puedes comunicarte para hacer tu reserva al número que te facilitamos aquí: +34 956 44 09 92.

Venta Pericón

Se encuentra en funcionamiento desde el año 1967, Venta Pericón es un lugar que se adapta a la actualidad y a las nuevas técnicas que se están aplicando en el mundo culinario, para que todos los comensales disfruten de una experiencia gastronómica inigualable.

Podrás disfrutar de su nuevo local reformado  en pleno centro de Conil con su misma esencia. Este se ubica  en la Calle Rosa de los Vientos, 18, 11140 en Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz. Este restaurante destaca por ser uno de los mejores.

En su menú puedes encontrar una carta exclusiva de tapas categorizadas en dos tipos: frías y calientes; en la categoría de tapas frías vas a encontrar huevas aliñadas, boquerones en vinagre, ensaladilla rusa, ensaladilla de pulpo, papas ali-oli, queso en AOVE y montadito de ijada. Sin embargo, en la opción de tapas calientes puedes pedir el bacalao al pil pil, atún encebollado, atún rojo de almadraba con tomate (Tarantelo), brocheta de gambas kataifi, brocheta de solomillo con cebolla caramelizada, crocante de atún, focaccia de chicharrones con mousse de ricota y huevo de codorniz, albóndigas en tomate, montadito de cerdo y mucho más.

La Almazara

Este bar de tapas de Conil de la Frontera, se ubica justo al frente de la fuente de los leones, el cual suele utilizar productos de la zona para hacer recetas tradicionales y platos vanguardistas que fusionan los sabores de otras culturas.

En su menú encontraremos la ensalada de bogavante, manzana, pasas y cebolla crujiente, albóndigas de corvina en salsa de puerros, croquetas de choco en su tinta con alioli, papas con emulsión de mojo picón, gambones al ajillo, hamburguesa de ternera retinta de 200 gramos con queso de rulo de cabra y cebolla caramelizada.

La Almazara la podrás encontrar  en la Calle Laguna, 5, 11140 Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz. Además, cuenta con una selección de platos premiados. El primer premio de la Ruta del Retiro en el año 2022 fue para el brioche de albóndigas de abanico ibérico con salsa de boletus y el segundo fue para la costilla retinta a baja temperatura con salsa bordalesa.

Titus Bar

Está ubicado en la Calle de Ortega y Gasset 1, 11140; su tipo de cocina es especializada en el sabor mediterráneo y comida española, un espacio típico de los conileños con una terraza agradable. Su menú cuenta con precios accesibles, dan gran atención a los comensales y reciben un buen trato.

También es conocido como uno de los bares más concurridos y tradicionales del barrio de los pescadores. Dentro de su menú puedes probar las lágrimas de cristal, tostadas de atún, barriga de atún, huevos sobre gambas de cristal, tortillas de camarones, gambas a la plancha, calamar a la plancha, atún encebollado, ensaladilla rusa y mucho más.

Bar Los Hermanos

Otro de los locales que añadimos también a este top de los mejores bares de tapas de Conil de la Frontera es el Bar Los Hermanos, ubicado en la Calle Virgen, 11140. El tipo de comida que sirven es mediterránea. Podrás comer con tus amigos y familia, al igual que cenar y poder pasar un buen rato, ya que cierran hasta tarde. También podrás  disfrutar de sus asientos al aire libre, espacios con televisión y bar completo.

Destaca por ser uno de los locales típicos gaditanos, donde sus platos estrella son las freidurías, tortillas de camarón, cazón en adobo, chopos fritos, gambas cocidas a la sal, montaditos, hamburguesa de retinto, choco, cazón, atún, servicio de cerveza fría, tortas de calamar, atún y pescadito frito.

You can find autoservicio en la barra, disfrutar de un servicio eficaz y con tanta variación de tapas puedes encontrar cualquier tipo de platos y sabores en Bar Los Hermanos.

Casa Manolo

Ten el placer de degustar la comida casera de Casa Manolo, ubicado en la Calle de San José 10, cuenta con comida española y de mariscos. Asimismo, este bar obtuvo un premio de los Traveller’s Choice en el año 2022.

Uno de sus platos más recomendados de la carta es el pescadito frito, el cordon blue de carne con crema de champiñones, almejas en salsa, langostinos al cava, tortillas de camarones, acedias frescas, almejas, gambones al cava, croquetas, lubina, ventresca, cazón y mucho más.

Dentro de su servicio hay una especialidad, que lo diferencia de los mencionados anteriormente, y es que el lugar no cuenta con un menú o carta, sino que el dueño es aquel que te ofrece lo que está disponible en el día.

Bar El Portillo

Está ubicado en la Calle Extramuros 4, en Conil de la Frontera, especializado en comida de la tierra y además con opciones veganas, sin gluten. Podrás probar comida tradicional como la ensalada de tomate, alcachofas con jamón Ibérico, coquinas, lagartito, filete de atún, tortillas de camarones, ensaladilla rusa o de cangrejo y patatas aliñadas.

Dentro de su menú también puedes probar el montadito de pollo o marrajo, pescado surtido, ortiguillas, carne al toro, chocos o boquerones, atún rojo salvaje; puedes acompañar estos platos con una buena cerveza, un vino o un refresco de tu gusto.

También tienes la opción de postres como la tarta de tres chocolates y la tarta de limón. El Portillo es un bar que ofrece platos con productos frescos y caseros.

La Peña

La Peña está ubicado en la Calle Virgen de la Luz 14 y también hace parte de los mejores bares de tapas de Conil de la Frontera, su especialidad es que la comida es apta para personas veganas, ya que disponen de platos sin gluten.

Dentro de sus platos favoritos está la ensaladilla de gambas, tartar de atún, pulpo, ensaladilla de pulpo, meloso de carabineros, gambas al ajillo, pata de pulpo, croquetas, tataki de atún, tarta de queso, salmorejo, tempura de atún, ensalada tropical con helado, saquitos crujientes de carne al toro, entrecot de ternera y cordon blue.

Bar El Pincho

Está en la Calle Solera 4 de Conil de la Frontera, es un lugar recomendable para comer en familia donde puedes probar la brocheta de pulpo, cuenta con un vivero de mariscos junto a una barra de cerámica donde hay grandes cañeros de cerveza artesanal de la zona.

Encuentras una amplia carta de pescados donde puedes pedir las vieiras del Pacífico, espetos de sardinas, atún de almadraba recién pescado, brocheta de rape con gambón, carne a la piedra, lagarto, pincho de atún, ternera a la piedra, montadito de presa, torta de camarón, patatas fritas y cañas frescas.

Así qué no dudes en venir al bar El Pincho, disfrutarás de su gastronomía de una forma inolvidable.

La Fábrica

Es un bar tradicional ubicado en la Plaza de Santa Catalina 4C frente a la Torre de Guzmán, su especialidad es la comida Española con opciones vegetarianas en una de las plazas más bonitas de Conil y catalogado también como uno de los mejores bares de tapas de Conil de la Frontera.

En La Fábrica podrás probar sus montaditos, el salmorejo con jamón y huevos de codorniz, mini hamburguesas, ensaladilla de pulpo, montaditos de lomo de atún con cebolla caramelizada, tostas de jamón serrano, huevo de codorniz y olivas, mini tapa de ijada de atún, ensalada de tomate con jamón Ibérico, ventresca de atún y el típico de La Fábrica.

Disfruta del encanto de Conil de la Frontera con Villas Flamenco

Como has podido ver, todas las opciones y platos que hemos destacado a lo largo del post no nos los hemos inventado, sino que hemos observado las diferentes reseñas de los lugares más visitados en Conil de la Frontera. Cada bar cuenta con una especialidad particular, teniendo en común el gran cariño y amor que ponen a cada plato, para que siempre quieras repetir.

En Villas Flamenco siempre queremos que pases las mejores vacaciones rodeados de los tuyos. Si te decides a que el destino sea Conil de la Frontera, nuestra recomendación es que apuestes por alguna de nuestras casas rurales, apartamentos o villas. Allí podrás encontrar una gran variedad de servicios, estando cerca de los lugares más interesantes de esta localidad andaluza.

Con esto, si quieres más información sobre las reservas de alojamiento o te ha quedado alguna duda, contact with us y nuestro equipo te ayudará encantado.

Do you want to enjoy an incredible vacation in Conil de la Frontera? Well you should know that this town has one of the best gastronomy in the country, being one of the only places in Spain where Almadraba fishing is carried out. This consists of leaving nets vertically, which has floats on top and weights below, to form a maze a few meters from the thing. Pay close attention because in this post of Villas Flamenco we are going to tell you what it consists of, when is the best time and other aspects about this type of fishing.

The almadraba means 'place where they beat or fight'. This is a practice that has been done for more than 3,000 years, whereby a small part of the tuna population is caught selectively, where the size of the tuna is between 180 to 200 kg in weight.

When is the almadraba season?

The almadraba fishing work in Conil takes place every year from February to June. Once the fishing season is over, a gastronomic route of the Almadraba tuna is carried out in the restaurants and bars of the area. This route is known as the Almadraba Route of Conil.

It has been held since 1996 and consists of a gastronomic event in the town of Cádiz where both traditional elaborations and the presentation of innovative dishes are awarded. Here the bluefin tuna is the main protagonist, with the guarantee of being a fresh product obtained in a responsible manner.

In addition to making the Almadraba Route in Conil, you can take the opportunity to visit the different historical buildings that are related to the fishing industry, as well as exhibitions and conferences that take place along the route. This has a great cultural value, being able to taste tapas at incredible prices and participate in a "ronqueo", the traditional tuna quartering, so you can learn about the parts that compose it.

What dishes will you be able to taste from the almadraba?

Within the route of the almadraba of Conil, you can taste more than 250 ways in which tuna is cooked. You will find a list of the awarded tapas and the participants of the contest, with traditional dishes and other more modern ones. You will also see how they take advantage of every part of the fish, from the morrillo, the belly, to the galete.

Some of the most outstanding dishes are tuna, tuna with onions, chard stew with tuna parpatana, tuna clouds, tuna salad, cooked almadraba tuna roe, seaweed and mojama, a great variety of incredible dishes that you will want to try.

What can you find during the almadraba season in Conil?

Conil de la Frontera stands out for being a fishing village, known for its tuna trap fishing. It is located in the southwest of the province, on the coast and has different places of interest, as well as incredible long white sandy beaches.

The activities you can do in Conil during your visit to the town are:

Go to Cala del Aceite: This stands out for its fine sand and turquoise waters. It is a place sheltered from the wind in the area by cliffs and you can access it by means of some stairs. Its waters are calm, has lifeguard service, public toilets and shaded areas.

The Museo Municipal de Raíces Conileñas: It is an ethnographic museum that has an exhibition of samples of furniture and antique utensils typical of the population, including farm implements, fishing gear and tools of daily life. You can visit its four rooms where there are more than 800 collection objects.

Bathing in Playa Roche: It is one of the largest beaches in Conil, with an excellent location in an area of single-family residence. It has services and equipment for public use, has good accessibility to the sand, its waters are calm, has lifeguard service, public toilets and shaded areas.

Visit Los Bateles beach: It is located in front of Conil de la Frontera, being the perfect location for windsurfing. It has good accessibility to the sandy area, offers leisure activities on the beach, calm waters, lifeguard service, public toilets and shaded areas.

You can also find numerous monuments and historical areas, such as the preserved bronze coin that is in the Archaeological Museum of Cadiz, the remains of the necropolis that are in the Huerta del Sol, etc.. Additionally, you will be able to visit the different medieval fortifications that conserve canvases of its walls, in the Puerta de la Villa, the watchtowers of Roche, Castilnovo, etc.

In addition, you should pass through the Plaza del Castillo and visit the Parish Church of Santa Catalina, the town hall and various monuments and historical areas, such as the hermitage of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno, the convent of Nuestra Señora de las Virtudes, among other places.

Where can you stay if you visit the town during the almadraba season?

If you have already organized your vacation plan for the almadraba season in Conil and you are looking for the best accommodation, you should know that in Villas Flamenco you can find different options to spend an incredible vacation.

You can make your reservation at any time and be on the beachfront, such as the Fuente de Gallo Urbanization, which stands out for its sophisticated modern atmosphere, fully equipped and overlooking the sea.

Of course, if you prefer to stay in a rural resort, it is best that you bet on one of our cottages and apartments that we have available so you can spend an incredible vacation. Do not wait any longer and visit the town of Conil during the Almadraba, one of the best times of the year.

Also, if you want to know more about our accommodations and their availability, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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Conil de la Frontera is the perfect destination for you to spend an incredible summer accompanied by the sun and the beach. Among the many plans that offers...

Como todos los años, la llegada de la Easter Week in Conil de la Frontera es un evento que atrae a miles de turistas de diferentes zonas de España y del mundo. Durante esta semana hay diversas procesiones en las que los penitentes visten diferentes atuendos y recorren las calles de Conil. En Flamenco Villas sabemos que es uno de los mejores momentos para visitar esta localidad, por eso en este post hablaremos de los motivos por los que deberías visitar Conil durante estas celebraciones.

La Semana Santa en Conil de la Frontera: historia y tradición

La Semana Santa en Conil de la Frontera es una celebración religiosa que se remonta a siglos atrás. Durante esta semana se llevan a cabo procesiones donde participan diferentes hermandades y cofradías de la localidad, que recorren las calles de Conil de la Frontera vestidos con distintivos atuendos y portando las imágenes religiosas más importantes de la localidad.

Descubre los orígenes de la Semana Santa en Conil de la Frontera

Los orígenes de la Semana Santa en Conil de la Frontera se remontan al siglo XVI, cuando comenzaron a surgir las primeras hermandades y cofradías. Durante la Edad Media, estas celebraciones eran más bien lúdicas, realizándose representaciones teatrales en las que se escenificaban pasajes de la vida de Jesucristo.

Con el paso del tiempo, la celebración fue adquiriendo una mayor solemnidad y se convirtió en una tradición muy arraigada en la localidad. Actualmente, esta festividad mantiene ese espíritu religioso y solemne, a la vez que atrae a muchos feligreses y curiosos de todas las partes de España y del mundo.

Las hermandades y cofradías de Conil de la Frontera

Conil de la Frontera cuenta actualmente con varias hermandades y cofradías que participan en la celebración de la Semana Santa. Algunas de las más destacadas son la Hermandad de la Borriquita, que realiza su procesión el Domingo de Ramos, y la Hermandad del Nazareno, que sale a las calles el Miércoles Santo.

También encontramos la Hermandad de la Amargura, cuyos miembros se visten de negro para salir en procesión el Jueves Santo, y la Hermandad del Santo Entierro de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo y Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, que realiza su procesión el Viernes Santo. Todas ellas cuentan con una larga historia, manteniendo las tradiciones que se han ido pasando desde siglos atrás.

Las imágenes religiosas durante la Semana Santa en Conil de la Frontera

Una de las características más distintivas de la Semana Santa en Conil de la Frontera es su rica imaginería. Las imágenes religiosas que se portan durante las procesiones son auténticas obras de arte, muchas de las cuales cuentan con varios siglos de antigüedad.

Destacan, por ejemplo, el Cristo del Perdón, la Virgen del Mayor Dolor y San Juan Evangelista, de la Hermandad del Nazareno, así como el Cristo de la Expiración y Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, de la Hermandad de la Amargura. Todas ellas, más allá de una representación religiosa, son parte de la tradición y de la cultura de Conil, salvaguardándose durante muchos años.

¿Cuáles son las mejores playas para visitar en Semana Santa en Conil de la Frontera?

Si viajas en Semana Santa a Conil de la Frontera, debes saber que uno de los mayores atractivos que podrás encontrarte en esta localidad andaluza son las increíbles playas que esconde. Sabemos que muchos años la semana santa puede coincidir con los primeros días de calor del año, donde muchas veces un baño puede ser el mejor plan.

Si vas pensando en hacer eso durante los días que te escapes a Conil, vamos a contarte qué playas deberías visitar:

Procesion Semana Santa Cadiz

Conoce la gastronomía típica de Semana Santa en Conil de la Frontera

La Semana Santa en Conil de la Frontera también es una excelente oportunidad para disfrutar de la gastronomía típica de la zona. Durante estas fechas, podrás probar algunas de las delicias culinarias más tradicionales de la Semana Santa gaditana, como el arroz con bacalao, las torrijas, los pestiños o el potaje de garbanzos.

Además, en algunos de los restaurantes más destacados de la zona podrás degustar platos especiales de Semana Santa, como el potaje de vigilia, elaborado con garbanzos, espinacas y bacalao, o el atún encebollado, un plato típico de la cocina marinera gaditana.

También podrás visitar los diferentes locales de ocio nocturno que guarda Conil. Durante esa semana, además de diferentes procesiones y actos de tipo religioso, también podrás disfrutar de un gran ocio nocturno, en diferentes bares, pubs y discotecas.

Dónde dormir si vienes a la Semana Santa en Conil de la Frontera

Si estás pensando en visitar Conil de la Frontera durante la Semana Santa, es recomendable que reserves tu alojamiento con antelación, ya que es una época en la que la ocupación hotelera es alta. En Villas Flamenco contamos con diferentes villas, casas rurales y apartamentos, perfectos para pasar unos días increíbles durante la semana santa y con las máximas comodidades.

Podrás ir a tu ritmo, disfrutando de las diferentes comodidades y sin ajustarse a los típicos horarios que hay en otro tipo de alojamientos, como hostales y hoteles. Sin duda, la mejor opción es hacerte con uno de nuestros alojamientos.

Con esto, queremos recordarte que si estás pensando en pasar unos días en Conil y tienes dudas sobre nuestro alojamiento, puedes contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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