Bonfires of San Juan in Conil de La Frontera June 23rd

As every year, Conil is getting ready to enjoy the magical night of San Juan. Tonight, we celebrate the longest day of the year and as we say around here: "With the burning of the "juanillos", the summer begins".

Different associations prepare their "juanillos" and present them to the contest. The juanillos will be famous people, politicians or even neighbors of the town of Conil de la Frontera. All of them using the great satire available to the people of Cadiz. There will be a party and music in the different neighborhoods of Conil, waiting for 12 o'clock at night to start the burning.

There are many traditions regarding this night, throw three fruits into the sea, each one with a wish, light a candle and burn the bad things you want to happen... But in Conil, we offer you to live the purest one, the salty tradition. It says that if you want a good year, full of positive things, you must first jump over the bonfire (but be careful, wait for the flames to go down, you will not get burned) and then go to the sea and take a good bath in salt water, but if you are afraid to bathe at night, do not worry, you can also get your feet wet.

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