When arriving February, the south of Spain dresses of focus to which the rest of the world watches during at least ten days. On these dates, there is a celebration that has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest. Do you really know what the Cadiz Carnival is like?

One of the keys that makes Cadiz Carnivals an event without comparison, is that peculiarity and spontaneity impossible to imitate. For this reason, in this text we are going to review how the Carnival of Cádiz is from a more particular point of view. More from Cadiz

We are going to try to make you feel why the Cadiz Carnival must be felt.

And history gave us the Carnival …

It is said that back in the sixteenth century it began to forge what we know today as the Carnival of Cádiz. They say that the inhabitants gave free rein to their desires and revelry on the eve of Christian Lent. In it, they purified themselves to arrive clean on Palm Sunday.

“I fell in love with you because of the carnivals”

Since then, these celebrations have been repeated every year, giving us an answer to the question of what Carnival is. And although in our times its duration is set at 10 days, they lasted up to six months.

Why the costumes? Everything began with the masks brought by the Genoese merchants to the Andalusian coast. These began to be used in these celebrations, extending to the magic of Carnival disguise that we know today.

Carnival has spread to different parts of the planet, with the tradition of disguise by flag. However, in Cádiz they breathe a magic that is not found anywhere else … Why is it?

“Guess it, guess it and I give you a prize”

 The streets, main stage

To anyone who wonders what the Cadiz Carnival is like, you should know that the answer is in the streets. Stop at the Tío de la Tiza square, walk through the narrow streets of the Barrio del  Pópulo, try a good Jérez at Casa Manteca … they are points where monotony can not find its place.

And we can go to any other city, to any other point where the Carnival is celebrated, and in none we will feel what Cádiz transmits. It’s that unparalleled spontaneity, grace, joy … do you listen to that music? Well refine the ear, that this does not have it in more places …

“I have been told that madness is a disease so typical of Cadiz, that Cadiz citizens who do not suffer it, never go to heaven”

Of comparsas, chirigotas, quartets, choirs and romanceros

If you are still wondering what the Carnival of Cádiz is like, you should know that you will not be able to understand it without music. And it is that if something characterizes this celebration, it are the Agrupaciones, the true soul of the Carnivals in Cádiz.

Hundreds of these groups compete in the COAC (Official Contest of Carnival Groups of Cádiz) for squeezing the best verse and singing it with more grace than the rest. This contest takes place every year at the Gran Teatro Falla. Although the official does not take away the brave, and in any corner of Cádiz you will find Carnival music.

chirigotas of Cadiz

If you want to laugh, pay attention to the chirigotas of Cádiz. If you like the most vindictive lyrics, the comparsas give them to you. In the choirs, you can find up to 40 voices willing to teach you the essence of this celebration. The quartets and romanceros, through the streets in verse leave the heart.

These groups, in short, are the voice of Carnival. The how and why Cadiz is the cradle of this celebration.

“Blessed carnival, cursed Carnival. Carnival I hate you and I need you “

Lucky the one who gives the proclamation

Everyone wants to give the proclamation at the Carnival of Cádiz. And whoever says no, is probably lying.

Another of the moments that will help you understand how the Carnival of Cádiz is precisely that initial speech with which the celebration starts. For him, true personalities from the world of art have passed, surrendered before this Carnival party: Alejandro Sanz, Rocío Jurado, Isabel Pantoja, Jesus Quintero … and even Rafael Alberti himself.

And it is that the Carnival of Cádiz does not call you, you feel attracted by it. If you have the opportunity to contemplate his proclamation, you will understand that a unique celebration in the world has just begun.

“This is Cádiz and here we have to suck”

And you have to presume about gastronomy

f you want to know what the Carnival of Cádiz is like, look at its gastronomy. During the celebration in the streets, you can take different free tastings that will let you know what a good Carnival tastes like.

The fried fish from Cádiz, the erizada (sea ​​urchins), the ostionada (oysters) … all this you can try it in different gastronomic events that cross the border of the city, reaching the nearby towns, such as Conil de la Frontera or San Fernando, among others.

“I’m staying in Cádiz, there’s nothing left to talk about”

The Jartibles: that this does not end

Something else that will help you to know what the Cadiz Carnival is like, it is the desire that it never ends. This desire was always so many, that gave rise to the Carnival of the Jartibles.

This event is celebrated the weekend after the end of the main party. In it, unofficial groups sing their last lyrics in the streets, finishing saying “until later” to the Cadiz Carnivals.

Neither pilgrimage nor fair in this land is true that they do not have the gaditanos, but that many come and realize that Cádiz is fair all summer

First of all, the illusion

There is no event or celebration, where a song sounds so beautiful. There is no city, neither in Rio de Janeiro, nor in Venice nor in Pluto, that wins the Carnival of Cádiz in illusion.

You should know that this quality is not reflected in data or figures, but you will experience it like nowhere else if you come to live it. Only then will you know what the Cádiz Carnival really is like.

And, of course … do not forget your original costume! Carnival is disguised yes or yes.

“The mirror can not lie, it must be true what I’m seeing here”

party of carnival

A sunset to go closing

You can not say that you know what the Cadiz Carnival is like without having lived one of its magical sunsets. For this, there are magic corners that will leave an indelible stamp.

You are probably looking for accommodation in Cádiz for Carnivals. If this accommodation is finished with one of those stamps, you will be able to embroider your plan.

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When is Carnaval de Cádiz in 2019? From February 28 to March 10. So contact us and we’ll make your Carnival plan round.