The Almadraba of Conil

Do you want to enjoy an incredible vacation in Conil de la Frontera? Well you should know that this town has one of the best gastronomy in the country, being one of the only places in Spain where Almadraba fishing is carried out. This consists of leaving nets vertically, which has floats on top and weights below, to form a maze a few meters from the thing. Pay close attention because in this post of Villas Flamenco we are going to tell you what it consists of, when is the best time and other aspects about this type of fishing.
The almadraba means 'place where they beat or fight'. This is a practice that has been done for more than 3,000 years, whereby a small part of the tuna population is caught selectively, where the size of the tuna is between 180 to 200 kg in weight.

When is the almadraba season?

The almadraba fishing work in Conil takes place every year from February to June. Once the fishing season is over, a gastronomic route of the Almadraba tuna is carried out in the restaurants and bars of the area. This route is known as the Almadraba Route of Conil.
It has been held since 1996 and consists of a gastronomic event in the town of Cádiz where both traditional elaborations and the presentation of innovative dishes are awarded. Here the bluefin tuna is the main protagonist, with the guarantee of being a fresh product obtained in a responsible manner.
In addition to making the Almadraba Route in Conil, you can take the opportunity to visit the different historical buildings that are related to the fishing industry, as well as exhibitions and conferences that take place along the route. This has a great cultural value, being able to taste tapas at incredible prices and participate in a "ronqueo", the traditional tuna quartering, so you can learn about the parts that compose it.

What dishes will you be able to taste from the almadraba?

Within the route of the almadraba of Conil, you can taste more than 250 ways in which tuna is cooked. You will find a list of the awarded tapas and the participants of the contest, with traditional dishes and other more modern ones. You will also see how they take advantage of every part of the fish, from the morrillo, the belly, to the galete.
Some of the most outstanding dishes are tuna, tuna with onions, chard stew with tuna parpatana, tuna clouds, tuna salad, cooked almadraba tuna roe, seaweed and mojama, a great variety of incredible dishes that you will want to try.

What can you find during the almadraba season in Conil?

Conil de la Frontera stands out for being a fishing village, known for its tuna trap fishing. It is located in the southwest of the province, on the coast and has different places of interest, as well as incredible long white sandy beaches.
The activities you can do in Conil during your visit to the town are:
Go to Cala del Aceite: This stands out for its fine sand and turquoise waters. It is a place sheltered from the wind in the area by cliffs and you can access it by means of some stairs. Its waters are calm, has lifeguard service, public toilets and shaded areas.
The Museo Municipal de Raíces Conileñas: It is an ethnographic museum that has an exhibition of samples of furniture and antique utensils typical of the population, including farm implements, fishing gear and tools of daily life. You can visit its four rooms where there are more than 800 collection objects.
Bathing in Playa Roche: It is one of the largest beaches in Conil, with an excellent location in an area of single-family residence. It has services and equipment for public use, has good accessibility to the sand, its waters are calm, has lifeguard service, public toilets and shaded areas.
Visit Los Bateles beach: It is located in front of Conil de la Frontera, being the perfect location for windsurfing. It has good accessibility to the sandy area, offers leisure activities on the beach, calm waters, lifeguard service, public toilets and shaded areas.
You can also find numerous monuments and historical areas, such as the preserved bronze coin that is in the Archaeological Museum of Cadiz, the remains of the necropolis that are in the Huerta del Sol, etc.. Additionally, you will be able to visit the different medieval fortifications that conserve canvases of its walls, in the Puerta de la Villa, the watchtowers of Roche, Castilnovo, etc.
In addition, you should pass through the Plaza del Castillo and visit the Parish Church of Santa Catalina, the town hall and various monuments and historical areas, such as the hermitage of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno, the convent of Nuestra Señora de las Virtudes, among other places.

Where can you stay if you visit the town during the almadraba season?

If you have already organized your vacation plan for the almadraba season in Conil and you are looking for the best accommodation, you should know that in Villas Flamenco you can find different options to spend an incredible vacation.
You can make your reservation at any time and be on the beachfront, such as the Fuente de Gallo Urbanization, which stands out for its sophisticated modern atmosphere, fully equipped and overlooking the sea.
Of course, if you prefer to stay in a rural resort, it is best that you bet on one of our cottages and apartments that we have available so you can spend an incredible vacation. Do not wait any longer and visit the town of Conil during the Almadraba, one of the best times of the year.
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