What to see in Conil in a weekend?

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Conil de la Frontera is the most tourist fishing town in Andalusia. This is due to the joy that there is for its streets, the places that there are to visit, the activities that there is to do and the gastronomy based on products of the sea that definitively will delight your palate. If you are planning to go to Conil for a weekend we will help you.

What should you visit in Conil in a weekend?

In Villas de flamenco, in order to enjoy your visit to this paradise we will tell you what to see in Conil in a weekend to make the most of your trip:

1º Visit the historic center of Conil

The first stop you must do in Conil in a weekend is to go to the historic center of this town. You will recognize the area easily, as it is characterized by its white houses, its narrow streets and its balconies decorated with different flowers. In the center you can learn a little about the Muslim past of this town of Andalusia.

You must be wondering what you can see in downtown Conil. Here, you can visit the Santa Catalina Church, which was built in the 15th century. Its architecture has a neo-Gothic style and now works as a cultural center. Also, we recommend you to know the Guzmán tower that was built by Guzmán el Bueno. You can climb it and there enjoy the landscape, it is one of the most beautiful views in which you can enjoy the wind in Conil.

To know the history of Conil, you can go to the Conileñas Roots Museum, which has been open since 1979. There you can learn about the traditions and customs of the town.

2º You must go to the beaches of Conil

As you can imagine the beaches of Conil are a fixed stop. The Atlantic Ocean bathes these beaches and makes them the perfect complement for a holiday in Conil. You can not leave this town without having enjoyed the best beaches.

Some of the beaches you can go to are La Fontanilla beach, Fuente del Gallo, La Roche beach or Los Bateles. Also, you can go to see the Calas de Roche and the Cala del Aceite. In these places you can do different recreational activities.


3º Visit the La Atalaya park during your stay in Conil

In your visit to Conil in a weekend, you can visit this park that is the largest in the town. It is characterized for having twisted pines due to the east wind in Conil. In addition you will find a viewpoint on a cliff in which you will see the beaches of the town.

What to do in Conil de la Frontera in a weekend?

Thanks to all the tourism that this town of Andalusia has, there are hundreds of things to do for tourists to enjoy every moment, regardless of whether they are short or long. If you plan to stay for a weekend in Conil, we recommend that you plan ahead what you are going to do. Some of the activities offered by this tourist place are:

1º Practice water sports in your vacations in Conil

During your visit to Conil in a weekend you can practice or learn different water sports while visiting the beaches of Conil. One of the water sports that we recommend is diving. If you decide to do it, you can get to know Conil de la Frontera much more thoroughly, as you will see the marine diversity.

Also, you can snorkel to know the marine ecosystem of Conil. For this, you do not need training. This more than a sport is recognized as a leisure activity as well as a ride on a jet ski.

Other sports that you can do when you are in Conil for a weekend is surfing, kayaking or paddle surfing. If you are looking for something more quiet and relaxing you can go fishing.


2º Enjoy the Andalusian gastronomy

If Conil a weekend you can enjoy the food they offer in this fishing village. One of the dishes you must try during your stay is the red tuna fish, which is captured by hand.

For more than two decades, there is a gastronomic route called the tuna route. In Conil, you can enjoy this fish in traditional preparations and other more modern and innovative. Nowhere else can you delight in this dish as in this town.

Another typical delicacy that is mandatory to try during your weekend in Conil is the fried fish cartridge, which is a delight and a perfect aperitif for your beach moments. This you can try it in the Zapola Freidura.

During your holiday in Conil de la Frontera you can try the best mojito in the area. You will find it in the Jaracanda bar, one of the reference bars recognized for the flavor of its mojito. Additionally, the style of this place combines with the rustic of its structure.

3º Do sport while you know the natural spaces of Conil de la Frontera

To know Conil in a weekend, if you are a nature lover you can make a bike route. Through the pedals you will be able to know the landscapes that this fishing village offers you. The route most traveled by tourists is the one that starts at La Fontanilla beach and passes through the Fuente del Gallo beach, in this way you will skirt the entire coast of Conil.

If you are a lover of horses, you can also see the sunsets on the back of these thanks to the equestrian centers that offer tours along the coast of Conil. Here, you can also go hiking because there are dozens of routes that allow you to enjoy all the natural landscapes of the area.

Remember that this town is the ideal place for you to start the route of the white villages. Do not worry about accommodation in Conil, leave this in our hands as we will offer you the best houses and apartments in the area at very affordable prices. Contact us, we give you all the information you need!