The Almadraba Wild Red Tuna: protagonist of May

Red tuna from almadraba – The red gold of the sea

Finally came one of the most anticipated moments for lovers of good food, for the great fans of gastronomy with capital letters: the start of the almadraba red tuna season , also known as red gold of the sea. A product desired by haute cuisine and the most coveted and desired by the Japanese market.

Tuna Bank - Holiday Rentals in Conil

Tuna Bank – Holiday Rentals in Conil

Currently, around it, an authentic tourism industry has been created, attracting thousands of visitors every year. In addition, both large restaurants and the most renowned chefs in the world turn their eyes to the coast of Cádiz these days.

But what is Almadraba Wild Red Tuna? What is this fishing gear? and Why do we have to come to Conil during these days?

The almadraba, a millenary fishing craft

Every spring, wild tuna cross from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea through the Strait of Gibraltar in search of warmer waters. And it is there, in the sea, off the coast of Conil, Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes and Tarifa, where the almadrabas (word of Arab origin that means place where you fight) are placed, a spectacular fishing gear, which has its origin in the Conil of the Phoenician era. Formed by labyrinths, the tuna is cornered and the fishers execute the call “levantá”, which consists in removing the tuna from the trap.

Tuna fishing - Holiday Rentals in Conil

Tuna fishing – Holiday Rentals in Conil

Once the first lift is made, these municipalities are transformed into a true gastronomic epicentre of first level, where the most prestigious names of the restoration meet in search of the best captures and, of course, to savour the exquisite dishes that are cooked with This product of the highest quality.

Gastronomic routes with tuna as protagonist: Conil

And the party begins. We must celebrate the arrival of this highly anticipated guest. In each of these almadraberos villages gastronomic events are organized, where you can taste a flood of the most diverse tapas, as a cult to this select product. And it begins, neither more nor less, than in Conil, in whose municipality is Villas Flamenco and where, since May 4, takes place the XXI Tuna Route of Almadraba, which runs until June 4. Here a total of 36 bars and restaurants offer the most exquisite dishes of both traditional and innovative cuisine. Tuna with onions, tuna in mango and avocado ceviche, tuna in tartar with crunchy seaweed, raw tuna, tuna with mushrooms sautéed and oyster sauce, red curry from red tuna mormo, tuna belly with prawns from Sanlúcar, tuna in lard or red tuna sausage, are some of the three hundred ways to taste this delicious delicacy.

Wild Red Tuna from Almadraba - Holiday Rentals in Conil

Wild Red Tuna from Almadraba – Holiday Rentals in Conil

Of course, enlivened with good music, exhibitions, dramatized routes, sports, and conferences. And all of this, absolutely everything, revolves around tuna and the sustainable and ancient fishing art of the almadraba.

A note: it is essential not to miss a ronqueo: the traditional way of cutting the tuna and whose name derives from the noise made by the knife when it touches the backbone of the piece.

Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes and Tarifa

For those tireless tuna, a few kilometres from Villas Flamenco and Conil is located Barbate, where from 9 to 13 of this same month of May, is celebrated in its “Lonja Vieja”, the 11th gastronomic week of almadraba tuna, an event with a very complete programming and with more than popular prices. For just 3.5 euros, you can enjoy a drink and a tapa, the latter, as it could not be otherwise, is based on tuna. Do not forget that in this neighbouring municipality of Conil, the El Campero restaurant is located, known by connoisseurs as the almadraba red tuna temple.

Restaurante El Campero - Holiday Rentals in Conil

Restaurante El Campero – Holiday Rentals in Conil

And we go on! A few days later, on the 16th of May the X Tuna Route of Zahara de los Atunes starts, ending on the 20th. A unique occasion also to know and enjoy the atmosphere of this well-known tourist destination. And finally, from the 25th of May to the 3rd of June the VI Tuna Route of Tarifa is celebrated.

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Conil seen from the beach of Los Bateles - Holiday Rentals in Conil

Conil seen from the beach of Los Bateles – Holiday Rentals in Conil