The 3 hiking trails in Cádiz that you cannot miss

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For many travelers the greatest passion in vacations is to make excursions in the province of Cádiz, because it has all kinds of activities to enjoy. And one of his most frequent choices is to make any of the hiking trails in Cádiz, with different degrees of difficulty and wonderful landscapes at each step.

Hiking is an activity that allows you to get closer to nature, improve your heart rate and your physical condition in general, as well as make friends. And for those who are looking for hiking trails in Cádiz, in this post we will analyze 3 of the best hiking trails in the region.

Can you find hiking trails in Cádiz for experts and newbies?

On vacation, hiking is an excellent activity for those who already practice it regularly in their daily routine. However, there is also a good offer of hiking trails in Cádiz for people who are still starting with this practice, and there are even suitable hiking deals for children, so they can walk in family for dream places.

If you are a newbie, we recommend you to find hiking trails in Cádiz of minimum requirement, with good stops and the accompaniment of a hiking guide who will guide you on the tour. Following this advice you will enjoy hiking much more on your vacation, and you will want to walk back to more corners of Cádiz soon.

The 3 best hiking trails in Cádiz that you can’t miss

There are a large number of hiking trails in Cádiz. In this post we show you our favorites with different characteristics so that, depending on your level, you choose your favorite.

We assure you that you will always want to go back to the south to go hiking and stay in our wonderful villas.

Now, let’s get into the matter. In the following paragraphs you will find the name of the route, its characteristics, some recommendations, and how you can get to make the tour. Go for it!

Garganta verde, the first of the best hiking trails in Cádiz

hiking -deals- for children

It is located in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Grazalema and among the hiking trails in Cádiz is the most visited.

This is a beautiful rock canyon that has a virgin hermitage of incalculable beauty. Inside the canyon you can enjoy the flight of vultures that can measure up to two and a half meters wide. Its imposing presence draws one of nature’s best landscapes.

It is a path of high demand, it has 2.5 kilometers of road on the way so you can take more than three hours to go and return. It is one of the hiking trails in Cádiz recommended for experts.

To carry out this route you must have a permit that is granted through the email, or by calling the number 956709733. Remember that you cannot take pets because it is a reserve area. In some times the path is restricted due to the risk of fire.

Low intensity on hiking trails in Cádiz: Río Majaceite


This route is perfect for newbies and people looking for excursions in Cádiz and its surroundings. It is well signposted and is located in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. It is frequented by families and inside you will find the Water Mill Ecomuseum of Benamahoma. It connects the populations of the Forest and Benamahoma.

It is a very cool place thanks to the presence of water along its route. Although it has 4.3 kilometers one way, that is, approximately two hours of walking, the difficulty of the trail is low. It is perfect for bird lovers, as it is one of the hiking trails in Cádiz where you can listen to the nightingale’s song all year long.

Here you will not need permission to enter. In this area you can find some otters and therefore you should avoid leaving food residues along the way or feeding the animals. Although it is a wooded area, do not forget the sunscreen and water to hydrate.

You can arrive from El Bosque, starting from the youth hostel, where the road begins. Also from Benamahoma, from where you will have to ascend La Cuesta de la Venta street.

The best views of the hiking trails in Cádiz: Torreón

If you want to have one of the best views in Spain, this is undoubtedly one of the hiking trails in Cádiz that you must take. This will take you to the highest peak of the Sierra del Pinar: It is very demanding.

Sierra-de- Grazalema

It is a route of high demand and therefore it is recommended for people with a good physical condition.

It lasts 2 hours one way. From the heights you can see the majesty of the golden eagle, the griffon vulture and the small alpine accentor. The fauna and the beautiful rocky places are the best attraction of this trail.

To access you must process an entry permit by sending an email to, or call 956709733. In the months of June and October the trail closes due to the risk of forest fires. It has good hydration, it is a demanding path.

You can access from Benamahoma, you will take the A-372 via Grazalema. Travel 5 kilometers, and the trail starts on the left.

Tips for walking the hiking trails in Cádiz

Although these three hiking trails in Cádiz are well signposted, one recommendation is to carry maps of the hiking trails, as you will always have a backup for any problem. Another tip is that you tour the white tour villages and look for hiking trails in this area; Your beauty and simplicity will surely delight you.

Do not forget to choose hiking trails in Cádiz that fit your physical capacity, so that you can enjoy the tour much more.

Contact us and we can advise you on hiking trails in Cádiz that best suit you and your tastes. Discover the magic of the Andalusian corners step by step will surely surprise you.