What to do in Conil with children?

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Conil has become one of the main coastal destinations. If you want to travel to this city and have children, you should be asking yourself what activities you can do in Conil with children to spend a good family holiday.

This is why you should not worry, this tourist destination has a wide variety of activities, we can say that it is one of those places to go with friends, with your partner or with your family. The best thing about Conil is that it has the perfect plan so that everyone, regardless of age, has a good time.

The activities you can do when you visit Conil with children are entertaining for the whole family. If before thinking about the things to do in Conil and around you want to find where to sleep you can consult us and we will advise you in a personalized way.

Villas Flamenco offers you the best places to sleep in Conil. Our accommodations are adapted to your needs as we have holiday homes with sea views, rural houses and apartments in the urban area.

You can choose the one that best suits your needs and the plans you have for your holiday in Conil. Below we tell you what are the best plans to do in Conil with children. Continue reading!

The 5 best plans to do in Conil with children this holiday

  1. Visit of the beaches in Conil and its surroundings

One of the first things you should do in Conil with children is to visit its beaches and those of its surroundings. Many families choose beaches as a tourist destination, who does not like to enjoy those beach days with the little ones in the house? In addition, they provide large spaces for your children to play without disturbing anyone.


The beaches will allow you to create good memories in family and immortalize them with the best photos. The whole family can do what they like best in one place. You can relax in the sand watching unforgettable sunsets while your children raise sand castles or play in the sea.

The beaches of Conil are ideal for practicing different water sports. For this reason, in your visit you can acquire the service of surf, diving or kitesurf courses for you and your family. Also, they rent and sell the elements to carry out these activities to all the people who know how to practice them. This type of services are also offered in some hotels in Conil.

  2. Visit the markets in Conil de la frontera

When we travel, in general, we all want to have some memory of our vacations and the trip. For this reason, we always buy some detail or souvenir for us or to give and show a person that we want to remember it while we knew that place.

Our children are not the exception to this custom. Therefore, another of the sites to visit in Conil de la Frontera are the markets. Believe it or not, most of the time our children also enjoy knowing the artisanal products and why not, to choose a craft or handle for their friends from school.


Due to this we invite you to go to the Art Market and the Artisan Market of the Paseo Marítimo. There you will find paintings, crafts, jewelery and clothing.

If you are going to cook we recommend that you try the products at the Mercado de Abasto or that you go to the Friday market, the traditional one that there is in all the towns. You can get fresh and good quality products.

3. Know the nature of Conil with children

Thanks to the diversity of natural landscapes you can make excursions in Conil. The land is not dangerous and for this reason, making a route is an ideal activity to do with children in Conil during vacations.

However, if your children do not like much walking do not worry, you can do the tours by bike or even riding on horseback. There are companies and hotels that offer these services, some even offer you the tour with a guide.

Some of the routes that you can take in Conil with children are the route of the dehesa de Roche, the trail of the Roche River, the route of the Calas de Conil or the trail of the Calas de Roche.

In addition, other places to carry out the excursion are the meadow of Castilnovo, the cliffs or the mouth of the Salado River. No doubt the little ones will have a great time playing at being explorers!

 4. Know the culture and history of Conil with children

If you want your children to have fun and learn new things in their vacations, you should go to the Torre de Guzmán. It is a place of cultural interest and a tribute to the castle built by Alonso Pérez de Guzmán.

We recommend you go to the Plaza de España, the Parroquia Santa Catalina de Alejandría that are part of the historical heritage. Visiting the fishing port is another of the things you can do in Conil with children since there you will be able to see a live auction.

To continue enjoying the culture of the area, the Conil de la Frontera tourism office makes tours in the fishermen’s quarter and in the Conileñas Roots Museum and you will know the route through the Conil courtyards and the almadraba route.

  5. Know the gastronomy of Conil in the best restaurants

Thanks to the fact that Conil is a town of fishermen and farmers, the raw material is of high quality. Therefore, another of the main tourist attractions are its restaurants and its gastronomy.

The main economic activity of the municipality is tourism. Due to this, you will not have problems with the attention and the service when you go to eat in Conil with children, we can help you choose which are the best restaurants in the area in which you are staying.

Keep in mind that from May to June the tuna gastronomic route, also called red gold, takes place. It is 100% recommended, we guarantee that you will make your palate happy and you can choose from more than 300 dishes.

If you want to live one of these experiences do not hesitate to call us or fill out our contact form.

Our accommodation services are strategically located so you can visit the main attractions of the municipality. They will allow you to have the dream holidays in Conil with your children.