The 5 beaches of Conil de la Frontera that you would like to have in the Caribbean

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The beaches of Conil are the ideal destination for thousands of travelers. This municipality has a large number of clean beaches that are characterized by crystal clear waters, fine sand and by offering a good service. In addition, two of the beaches of Conil have received the recognition of the Blue Flag which only get the best quality beaches.

For this reason, at Villas Flamenco we will tell you about the best beaches in Conil de la Frontera so you can visit them all on your next trip.

Best beaches of Conil

Strat at the Roche beaches

Roche Beach is considered by all as one of the best beaches in Conil. It is one of the 2 beaches that have the distinctive blue flag in this municipality. For this reason, we recommend that you start enjoying your trip here.

In this place you can enjoy tranquility regardless of the number of travelers who are there since it has an extension of 2200m long by 40 wide. In this location you will find all the basic services such as transportation, parking areas, public toilets and police stations and the Red Cross.

Here you can relax and disconnect completely. It is located under the cliff of Cabo Roche where the tower of Roche of the sixteenth century, also known as Roche Lighthouse. It is a monument of cultural interest that has been transformed to be used as a beacon for navigation. Previously it was used to alert the population by means of fire signals.

On this beach you can enjoy a unique natural environment and you will be close to 7 coves: Cala Encendida, Áspera Cove, Tío Juan de Medina Cove, Cala Medina, Cala del Frailecillo, Cala del Pato and Cala del Faro.


 Conil Make your next stop ay the playa de los Bateles in Conil

This beach also has the distinctive blue flag for its quality and has the ISO 140001 Environmental Certification. Unlike the beach of Roche, it has a moderate and windy swell which is one of the beaches of Conil ideal for practicing watersports.

The Bateles beach is located near the urban center. It is a beach with easy access and has all kinds of services such as: parking areas or rental of hammocks and showers. In addition, thanks to its location you can find close to many bars and restaurants.

The occupation of this beach in Conil in summer is usually high, due to its easy access. However, do not worry, it’s big and has room for everyone, it measures 850 meters long by 130 meters wide. Playa de los Bateles in Conil borders La Fontanilla.

The beach of La Fontanilla, another of the best beaches in Cádiz

It is one of the most frequented beaches of Conil thanks to the Q of tourist quality and environmental certification 14001. But do not worry, this beach is wide enough for all people who make tourism in Conil can visit it. It has a length of 1200 meters by 40 wide.

La Fontanilla also has a moderate and windy swell. For this reason, this is one of the beaches of Conil that is ideal to visit with family and children. Also, its crystal clear water is shallow and there are no currents. On this beach, there is usually no water sport.

If you are one of the people who like to observe landscapes, we recommend that you go to the Atalaya Park, it is very close to the beach. This park is located on a cliff and has a perfect viewpoint to delight your eyes.


 ConilBeach of Castilnovo, Conil de la Frontera

This virgin beach owes its name to the Tower of Castilnovo. The tower was used to warn the arrival of invaders from Africa and to direct the fleet of the trap. Despite having an extension of 2600 meters long and 180 meters wide, it is one of the beaches of Conil that has a low level of occupation since it does not have a parking area. Due to this it is visited by nudists.

Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable with nudity avoid this stop. If, on the other hand, you do not bother with nudism or you want to carry out this practice, keep in mind that the only way to get to the beach is by walking from Los Bateles or El Palmar.

In addition, the beach of Castilnovo has a moderate and windy swell so it is perfect for water sports such as surfing.

We can say that this is the ideal beach for those who want to disconnect from the daily routine and enjoy the scenery and the sound of the waves.

Ends with the mandatory visit to the beach of Fuente del Gallo de Conil

The best sunset of the beaches of Conil you will find on this beach. It has an average occupation and measures 1 kilometer long and 25 meters wide. In addition, like most of the beaches of Conil, it has a moderate swell and has little depth.

The Fuente del Gallo beach is usually covered when the tide rises. It is located in the Fuente del Gallo urbanization. In case you want to spend the night in this place we recommend you to stay in one of our accommodation in Conil.

You can access the beach by walking or by car, as it has parking for users. Due to its characteristics, it is excellent to go with family and practice different water sports. However, the favorite activity of its visitors is to watch the sunset.

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