Looking for rural houses in Cádiz with pool near the beach

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Many people from different parts of the world prefer to spend their holidays in rural houses in Cádiz with swimming pool thanks to the excellent offer that it includes for all types of visitors. If you want this experience to be even more special, it has houses near the beach in Conil, with beautiful settings and activities to enjoy with the family.

The cottages allow you to have a spacious, comfortable and quiet space, where you can sit and rest on the porch enjoying blue skies and clear nights in full calm. With the rental of a rural house in Cádiz with swimming pool you can swim or rest underwater at any time and relax completely.

If you are planning a romantic moment with your partner, surely a rural house in Conil de la Frontera is perfect. You can visit intimate coves and beautiful beaches with landscapes that make anyone fall in love. It is a perfect romantic getaway that you can give at any time of the year.

And for those who are always looking for more, the cottages in Cádiz with a pool and near the beach offer them much more. In this article we will tell you what are the best experiences of rural houses in Cádiz with beach and swimming pool, comforts for the whole family and spaces that allow you to enjoy any break.

Why choose country houses with a pool and near the beach?

Choosing a rural house with pool near the coast of Cádiz is an excellent alternative for families or groups of friends who enjoy intimate spaces where they can have the comfort of entering or leaving. If you are with children, they can run and play as they please without worrying.

Thanks to having warm temperatures in the Cádiz rural houses with swimming pool, you can walk in the middle of beautiful gardens, organize a game day on the water or share a beach afternoon in which every day you will have a new place to visit, with unique landscapes.

With the sea at temperatures between 16 and 23 degrees you can visit different places because the offer of beaches and coves is wide, so you can sunbathe and enjoy the water and waves. Those who want to rent rural houses in Cádiz with a pool, can know some beaches and coves that are perfect to complement your rest, in which you can perform different activities.

Recommended beaches in Conil, near cottages with pool

If you have in mind a rest trip with all the comforts and activities possible for your group of friends, or for the beings you love, we advise you to choose our rural houses in the province of Cádiz with swimming pool.

Located at a maximum of 5 minutes by car and 30 minutes walking distance from the nearest beach you will not be so close to the bustle of bathers at different times, but you can go to the sea whenever you want.

These are the most recommended beaches and coves for you to have an excellent stay in Conil de la Frontera. All of them surrounded by cliffs that bathe in light after sunrise and sunset.

Fuente del Gallo beach

In this wonderful place where the panoramas become unique postcards before your eyes we have a large beach, quiet and spacious when the tide is low.


Fuente del Gallo is a true paradise of colors and sensations for people who love nature. The winds are not so strong, thanks to the protection of the cliffs to which you should not get too close as there may be landslides. If you want to rent rural houses in Cádiz with a pool, we recommend choosing one that is very close to this beach.


This beach does not have sports or recreational spaces being visited by many surfers during times of greater waves for the enjoyment of them.

Around you can find hiking groups, which take you to walk on the cliffs and discover another perspective of this magical place.

Cala del aceite

The peculiarity of these coves is different from that of La Fuente el Gallo beach. Its landscapes are really beautiful and exciting since you will have a lot to go and know. It is a municipal protection heritage that has a park area.


In addition to enjoying the waters, the landscape and a short beach, you can also find a variety of activities to make the most of your visit to this cove.


If when looking for rural houses with a pool and beach, you have in mind to practice outdoor sports, this is the place. You will find offers for hiking in the sector, or you can also enjoy a few hours of paddle surfing or canoeing. It also has a very special charm for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Other coves and unique places

When you have found rural houses in Cádiz with a pool, near the beach and would like to know coves where you can have fun and rest completely in the natural, we invite you to know the Melchor, Uncle Juan, Camacho and the Unknown cove, enabled for nudism.

The coves of Roche and other areas of the coast of Conil are perfect to spend a romantic afternoon amidst an imposing nature. These spaces are reached by stairs and well-marked roads and are visited by young people and people who want to depart from the concurrence of other beaches.

Some plant species, such as junipers, are in danger of extinction and therefore it is always recommended to walk on footpaths to protect them.

Close to all the coves and beaches of this article you will find parking available, although if you want to walk, it is also easy and convenient to do so. We recommend you arrive at the parking lots early in the summer, so you can find a place without major complications.

The best experience in rural houses in Cádiz with swimming pool

All this is you can find when choosing rural houses with swimming pool to rent in Cádiz. What can make this experience much better is to look for the houses of the Hacienda Roche Viejo, which also allows you to stroll through its private garden, amid rustic decorations and spaces made for your rest.

It is located just 2 kilometers from coves and beaches, so you can visit them at any time. In these houses you will have enough space for 5 or 6 people, privacy and independence, in addition to all the amenities you need, such as an equipped kitchen, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and parking.

We recommend you reserve the place of your choice in advance, as these rural houses are usually required by many people throughout the year. Contact now with Villas Flamenco and choose the perfect moment and have a happy trip.